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Open letter to Woman's Place UK

Open letter to Woman's Place UK

Date Published: 
Tuesday, 16 October, 2018

To give you some background, I also came out of the Labour movement, I too was a trade union activist, an activist for the NHS, a feminist, and a gay rights campaigner. The only difference is that I stood up for women of all colours, and treated them as my allies, regardless of the threat they faced to their freedoms – even if this threat came from their religion.

For Britain is routinely smeared as ‘far-right’ (including by yourself) by people with no knowledge of the fact that our party is made up with people from all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Would it surprise you to know that one of our founding members, and the party’s deputy chair, is a Pakistani-heritage woman who joined us because of the way she and thousands of British women are treated under the sharia system in our country? Do you care?