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Police Dealing with Less than 20% of Rotherham’s 1,523 Grooming Gang Victims

Police Dealing with Less than 20% of Rotherham’s 1,523 Grooming Gang Victims

Police bias in CSE cases
United Kingdom (UK)
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Less than 20 percent of the identified 1,523 known victims of historic grooming and rape in Rotherham have been engaged by police. After a jury at Sheffield Crown Court found seven men, six Pakistani-heritage, one of Yemeni-heritage, guilting of the historic sexual abuse of five vulnerable underaged girls in the Yorkshire town, the National Crime Agency, likened to the U.S.’s FBI, also  that Operation Stovewood has resulted in just 14 successful prosecutions. “There are currently 22 separate investigations under the Stovewood umbrella, with 147 suspects identified and more than 290 complainants engaging with officers. 24 suspects have been charged and 12 have been arrested (or attended a police station voluntarily) and bailed or released under investigation,” the NCA said.

There are also 275 other people also under investigation, with the majority of the some-400 individuals being investigated still living in Rotherham,  The Metro. Of the survivors of exploitation in the town, 296 — all female — are actively engaged with police officers, representing just 19 percent of the total identified, and not including any who are yet to come forward. The original figure identified by the Jay Report — 1,400 — was revised upward by more than one hundred last year, alone.

The country’s largest law enforcement investigation into non-familial child sexual exploitation (CSE), Operation Stovewood is set to cost in the region of £100 million, has 250 staff, and is scheduled to be completed by 2024, though is not anticipated to be completed by that time.