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Prisons: Harvard for Radicals

Prisons: Harvard for Radicals

Date Published: 
Tuesday, 6 September, 2016
  • "If they arrest me and put me in prison, I will carry on in prison. I will radicalise everyone in prison." — Anjem Choudary, quoted by the Daily Mail.

  • One of the most troubling factors is the vulnerability of fresh converts to radicalisation. Starting out with minimal knowledge of their new faith, converts are easily lured into adopting strict forms of Islam, guided by existing radicals and by the extremist literature freely available in prisons.

  • "Political correctness in prisons is allowing extremism to flourish because guards are too afraid of confronting Muslims." Extremists are "exploiting... staff fear of being labelled racist." — The Telegraph, citing a report by Ian Acheson, a former British prison governor.

  • Said al-Shihri, after his release from Guantanamo in 2007, completed and passed the Saudi deradicalisation program, then became deputy leader of al-Qaeda in Yemen, orchestrating the bombing of the U.S. embassy there in 2008.

  • A Labour MP, Khalid Mahmood, pointed out that many of the mentors who are supposed to guide young people away from becoming radicalised are themselves non-violent radicals.