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Ramadan: "A Month of Great Conquests"

Ramadan: "A Month of Great Conquests"

Date Published: 
Tuesday, 30 May, 2017
  • "Ramadan has been not only a month of worship and of growing close to Allah the Almighty, but also a month of action and jihad aimed at spreading this great religion... throughout history, Ramadan has been a month of great conquests....". — 'Ali Gum'a, then Grand mufti of Egypt, Al-Ahram in July 2012.

  • "According to Islamic practice, sacrifice during Ramadan can be considered more valuable than that made at other times, so a call to martyrdom during the month may hold a special allure to some." — Report by the U.S. State Department-led Overseas Security Advisory Council, The Independent, June 9, 2016.

  • "Jihad in the Arabic language... means: ...striving... where the cause/objective is goodness & justice...Holy war not an expression in the Qur'an: War is NEVER holy." — Anna Cole, 'inclusion specialist' for the UK Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), which represents more than 18,000 head teachers and college leaders.


In 2012, a Muslim Brotherhood member, Hussein Shehata, a lecturer at Al-Azhar University --  the world's leading center for Sunni Islamic learning -- :

"Fasting is one of the most powerful means to educate the human spirit for jihad. Fasting involves a spiritual effort to act in a way contrary to what is accepted, and to completely abandon desires... It also schools the Muslim in patience, resilience, endurance, and sacrifice, which are all traits of the jihad fighter... Ramadan is the month of victory for those who wage jihad for Allah. Ramadan has seen the following battles, conquests, and victories: the great Battle of Badr ,... the conquest of Mecca ... We call upon those who fast... to remember their brothers, those who wage jihad for the sake of Allah: in Palestine, against the Jews, the descendants of apes and pigs; in Iraq, against the Americans; in Bosnia-Herzegovina, against the crusader Serbians; in Chechnya, against the Russians; in Kashmir, against the idolatrous Indians... everywhere in the Islamic ummah , against those who fight the Muslims".