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Recent Interesting Tweets

Recent Interesting Tweets


A selection of recent interesting tweets:

Australian 'Your allowed freedom of speech, within the limits we set'

— Agenda Of Evil ()

Islamic justice. This isn't Isis, a regular Islamic country carrying out Islamic laws (which 750,000 Muslims want here)

— Tommy Robinson ()

Saudi Man Literally Herding Veiled Muslim Women With A Stick-

Sharia Law.

— ?l??t?? ???ha€l ()

?? Brave Kuwaiti liberal activist Nasser Dashti fighting for freedom in his country and the Muslim world. Deserves our respect & support. ??

— Hendrik ()

In 2014 financed project of 's CCIF & FEMYSO w €70,000: Tax money funding Islamists

— Islamism Map ()

Listen to senior leader saying that Islamic Relief charity () is part of the Muslim Brotherhood:

— Islamism Map ()

Are you interested in who is financing organizations in the West? We gathered some information at

— Islamism Map ()

Since 2007 's Islamic Relief has received almost €60million from . See documents at:

— Islamism Map ()

Meanwhile in Australia...

Muslims call for the creation of an ‘All-Muslim Army’ to impose Sharia Law & overthrow the Australian Government!

— Amy Mek ()