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Rochdale, Rotherham and now GLASGOW the cancer of ‘grooming gangs’ is everywhere!

United Kingdom (UK)
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Sharia Watch

Sarah Champion, the founder of the Dare2Care child abuse campaign, stated that:

“From my experience and talking to people from all over Britain, this crime is going on in every town and every city. The numbers of both suspects and victims is not a surprise to me. What I’m surprised about, however, is that you haven’t had many prosecutions based on that. If they have identified these 27 people, but nothing came of it, why did they get it so wrong? It’s unacceptable.”

With children as young as fourteen targeted by these predatory groups, citizens feel as though their needs and safety are being ignored. It’s no surprise as the Scottish government refuses to acknowledge the problem exists.

A concerned relative of one of these victims has been quoted as saying:

“This really is just our worst nightmare. It’s this Rochdale and Rotherham-type stuff but it’s happening here in Glasgow in a big way. Nobody seems to be doing anything to stop it.”