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Rowan Williams is at it again

Rowan Williams is at it again



If you expected Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, to have learned lessons from his previous sharia-based gaffe, think again.

A few years ago, while leader of the Church of England, Williams said that the introduction of sharia law to Britain was .  But don’t worry, because he was only referring to "marital disputes".  This means he only believes a group of rules which grant zero divorce rights to women (even when they are violently abused), zero rights over their children to women, and which demands that women submit sexually whether they like it or not, is unavoidable in our country.  That’s all – nothing to worry about. 

Williams’ irresponsible comments rightly resulted in a furore.  He’d made a speech in which he revealed himself as either completely ignorant, or as a man who believes in the subjugation of women in the family. 

Last week, Mr Williams made another extraordinary when he claimed that Islam has restored British values, including (remarkably) the claim that it has revived "open, honest and difficult public discussion".

It is not clear which newspapers Mr Williams reads, but they are most certainly not the same ones as the rest of us.   

Here are some examples of the open debate that Islam has facilitated in recent years:

  • Book-burning and threats of death against Salman Rushdie for writing a
  • Death threats for a Parliamentary candidate who
  • Media censorship and the refusal to show some Danish cartoons; cartoons which caused violent riots across the world and killed

That’s just a few examples, and from the UK alone.  Across the world, people are killed almost routinely for offending Islamic sensibilities.  In Britain, it has been revealed that as many as 78% of British Muslims want those who offend their religion to be

Rowan Williams needs to stop pretending that there are no Islamic blasphemy laws.  In most Islamic countries, blasphemy is a crime and in many, it carries the death penalty.  In stating what he has, Williams has betrayed every person languishing in a Saudi or Pakistani jail for daring to express a view of Islam which is short of complimentary.

Perhaps Williams’ time might be better spent speaking out about the indiscriminate slaughter of Christians that is currently taking place across the Islamic world. 

Meanwhile, the BBC owns up to the misogynistic

In an article published today, the Beeb revealed that “the Foreign Office has warned expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates they could face Sharia courts in divorce or child custody cases.”  It is rather odd then that the same government refuses to issue a similar warning with respect to the sharia courts right here at home – which follow exactly the same rules as they do in UAE.  In fact, the government refuses to address these much at all. 

As Sharia Watch has repeatedly stated, sharia law reduces women to a state of subjugation and servitude, and women are afforded little to no rights.  The BBC article claimed that one woman, a Briton, lost custody of her son because she had been branded an “unfit and un-Islamic mother for refusing to obey her husband and having gay friends.”

A second British woman lost her son when she was deported from UAE for… wait for it… working without her husband’s permission.

This is what has now arrived in the UK, and this is what Rowan Williams thinks is unavoidable – sadly, unless the realities of sharia law are recognised and opposed, he may just be right.