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A Selection of Good Tweets

A Selection of Good Tweets

A selection of good tweets:

A video secretly recorded in a Muslim school in the UK. Shocking.

— Pegida UK ()

A Muslim Explains why has gangs

— DowHeater ()

?????? Sheikh in Saudi Arabia said that woman in West are sad & humiliated, and they wish to live like Muslims!!!

— Onlinemagazin ()

The UK elite, making it clear that no resistance from the Kuffar to Islamic supremacism will be tolerated.

— Peter McLoughlin ()

WATCH how Muslims teach children!

American schools will be the same under Hillary!

— Tennessee GOP ()

When I see horrific videos like??this??I realise there is no reasoning with Islam & that it MUST be wiped off the face of the earth

— Deplorable Me ()

A good intervention from Charles Walker MP at today. "This man received death threats and we have all looked the other way".

— Stephen Evans ()

Thank You For Speaking TRUTH!

"Islam Is A Political Ideology.."

"Like A Cancer.."

Spot On! ??????

— Colleen ?VOTED TRUMP ()


Watch as a 19 year old Muslim woman gets stoned to death for refusing to marry! This is Islam. This is Sharia Law.

— Deplorable Aaron ?? ()

Muslims tell you exactly why Islam can never coexist with Liberty, Free Speech, Human rights, Women’s rights or Freedom!

— Amy Mek ()

Imam at a Mosque violently beats, canes & throws a small child. This is a "religious" leader, in a place of "worship" beating a child.

— SL ()

Islamic Enrichment??

France: 'There are Areas of Our Country Where Women Cannot Go'

— Amy Mek ()

Islamic Truck of Peace parody song. Bitingly hilarious!

— Cathee Ali ()

Quran 2:191: "Kill them wherever you find them"

There is nothing worst than being taught "peace" when you are just a child... " ??

— James Smits ? ()

Islamic high school: "British society is like Satan. They're controlling your minds, you need to free yourself from slavery".

— Voice of Europe ()

This is the where sharia became very vulnerable to human race

— Tanmoy Kundu ()