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Selection of interesting tweets from the last few weeks

Selection of interesting tweets from the last few weeks


A selection of interesting tweets from the last few weeks:


How can Netanyahu negotiate with this?

A graduation ceremony at a Palestinian Kindergarten features teaching kids how 2 KILL Israelis/Jews

— Amy Mek ()

UK: "Anyone who cooperates with police to arrest a , commits an act of "

— AntiJihad Kermit ??? ()

Muslim leader in : “ is not here to Integrate. Islam is here to Dominate”


Place of women in Islam. These are 'Westernized' Muslims (NB suits), not the Taliban. Women treated like dogs.

— Peter McLoughlin ()

we are supposed to believe Muslim school girls in Britain want to wear it all those stupid westerners supporting it

— Tommy Robinson ()

Hey I heard you deleted your tweet saying you don't prosecute FGM. Don't worry, I kept a copy.

You're welcome.

— Re-Enlightenment ()

Despite the 1300yrs of Arab slave trade & the numbers of slaves killed, the Left never talk about it.

— Peter McLoughlin ()

Police must be held to account for failing to prosecute . My chat with yesterday.

— Anne Marie Waters ()

A 'Free-of-Jews' Germany, Hitler couldn't make it, Muslims will do, ? they are shouting "Jew, Jew, coward pig, come out & fight." in Berlin.

— ? ()

This is a text message from a and what he saw in his after the yesterday!


Burton:Muslims full of rage can't stand with being ruled by infidels,shout AllahuAkbar demandSharia

— Tommy Robinson ()

I escaped law and came to to live my freedom. But I found imams calling for my execution.