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Selection of recent tweets

Selection of recent tweets

Selection of recent tweets. The most important is the top one

WATCH | : "As atrocity follows atrocity we've fallen into a choreographed response. Perhaps the time for rhetoric is over."

Spot on.

— LEAVE.EU ???? ()

Admin: Mr Marr, we MUST start asking questions about the role Islamic ideology plays in jihad even if that appears divisive!

Islamic Enrichment in Italy...

Female news anchor assaulted while live reporting on Muslim invaders sleeping in the Rome Train station.

— Amy Mek ()

Biased BBC Presenter Calls An Anti-Islam Hindu A 'RACIST' . How unprofessional shutdown opinions.

— ????...---...()

This tweet tells us why Julie & have decided to start talking nonsense. Always good to know where the cash comes from.

— Minister of Thought ()

Polish MP speaks in the European Parliament about failed immigration policy

Their speechless faces are priceless

— Jenna Abrams ()

250 CHRISTIAN kids were kneaded to death in bread machines & men baked in ovens by Jihadists.


— Amy Mek ()

I spoke to quite a few here, when defending them. When I started to probe a bit they would lash out and say what they really thought.

— Miss Jo ()

Is it offensive to draw Mohd being entertained by beheadings? This 16thC Muslim painting (from biography of Mohammed)

— Peter McLoughlin ()

citizen living in says, any 'liberal' who criticizes or should be killed.

— Tarek Fatah ()

I admit that the sacred Islamic scriptures support the killing of non-Muslims. The left wants to hide this from you. I want a reformation.

— Imam Tawhidi ()

Well done to this Muslim lady when will the government act

— Tommy Robinson ()