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Selection Of Recent Tweets

Selection Of Recent Tweets

Watching terror in London unfold: who are we kidding?This is a Jihadi guerrilla warfare not an issue for law enforcement. Time to wise up.

— Ayaan Hirsi Ali ()

Didsbury mosque advising on Sharia Wills (illegal)

— Sarah Louise ()

While the west is supposed to drown in colonial guilt, this is what many Muslims don't want you to know

— Tommy Robinson ???? ()

Why does the BBC have the same "random" person at every crisis and discussion?

Really makes you think... ??

— /pol/ News Forever ()

I don't believe Liberals really understand how Sharia Law Treats Women. Just Watch! Is this what you want?

— Kevin W. ()

UN 1951 document: slave markets in Mecca. 1990 OIC adopts Cairo Declaration, puts sharia law above human rights

— Peter McLoughlin ()

I am an their ultimate goal is to destroy western civilization by any means necessary.

— Deplorable Khalif!!! ()

Watch UKIP Deputy Leader blast the other parties for excusing terrorism here:

— UKIP ()

Tragedies such as happen bcoz of Muslim supremacists: "NonMuslims with their music r filth & parasites"

— Tarek Fatah ()

Scotland: Muslim says Manchester jihad massacre was “inevitable consequence of UK policy towards Muslims”

— Voice of Europe ()

Muslim in rare moment of honesty.

— Tennessee ()

WATCH: says 'almost everybody in authority' is pushing the 'noble lie' about the link between Islam and terrorism.

— The Bolt Report ()

My adopted mama was a midwife & was reporting harmful cultural practices in Muslim community in the 80s. Was told 'be quiet.'

— Shazia Hobbs ()

Of the two races that make up my mix,white, in my experience, is more accepting & forgiving, less judgemental & controlling.

— Shazia Hobbs ()

As an ex-muslim, I confirm, Islam is the problem.

— Shazia Hobbs ()

As an ex-muslim, i confirm, Islam is the problem


"Why would I need to follow Mohamed's arbitrary moral guidelines?"


— ExMuslim TV ()

Mona says ISLAM IS the problem. She was born in to it.

I realized that my prophet was immoral." - Mona, exMuslim

— Jan ()


How did Muhammad respond to criticism?

Abu Dawud Hadith 4361

— Matt Pope ()

To mainstream media:appreciate you challenging rising anti-Muslim populism,but blasphemy codes disguised as "respect" are not a way to do so

— Maajid ()