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Date Published: 
Tuesday, 22 May, 2018

The exchange between Steve and Anni is crucial for us to highlight and examine, because the accusations and slanders that Steve hurled at Anni are the key falsehoods and smears that hate groups like CAIR and SPLC hurl at her and at other truth-tellers and freedom fighters. These malicious libels and slanders are at the core of the Jihad Denial that is now controlling our culture and its boundaries of discourse. And it is precisely this denial that clouds the threat we face in the terror war -- and pushes what propels it into invisibility.

Because Jihad Denial achieves this destructive feat, it disables our civilization from making a proper threat assessment. It prevents us, therefore, from gauging clearly what is actually killing us and, therefore, from properly defending ourselves against it. The Jihad Denial practiced by the Obama administration, after all, enabled and facilitated the Jihadist attacks on our territory, such as the San Bernardino, Orlando and Boston Marathon Jihadist massacres -- which could have easily been prevented if the Obama administration had allowed our intelligence agencies to make a proper threat assessment, which it did not.

Thus, what we see in this videotape exchange between Anni and Steve very much reflects the core of our battle against the Unholy Alliance, for we witness the lies and deceptions that the enemy uses to smear the heroes trying to protect our civilization and to blur the truth -- so that our vision is blinded and our ability to act decapitated.