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Sharia Watch - 2016 Brief Review

Sharia Watch - 2016 Brief Review


The year began how it would end – with utter chaos in Germany.  A few days in to 2016, we were finally told (authorities had initially tried to hush it up) that around 1,000 migrant men (from Muslim societies as we all know) had sexually assaulted and robbed women in the centre of the city of during New Year celebrations there.  Later in the year, the figure had risen to around men as the true horror of the night began to become clear.  Several women were raped, some were gang-raped.  The Mayor of Cologne responded by proposing a code of conduct – for .  It was up to women to prevent these assaults.  This mirrors exactly the attitudes of Islamic societies. 

This, along with our dying free speech, is what I consider to be the Islamisation of the West.  The Cologne assaults were significant not only in revealing the contempt for Western women that is the norm across the Muslim world, but this was not a jihad attack, it wasn’t terrorism, it was simply an insight in to the behaviour Europe can expect now that it has opened its doors.  Assaults on women were not confined to Cologne but occurred in other cities, including Hamburg.  Nor were the assaults confined to New Year's Eve. An Australian  in March claimed that "Cologne is every day" and that "drawing only from German media reports, [there are]  more than 160 instances of rape and sexual assault committed by migrants in train stations,  against victims as young as seven".

This would be just one of the enormous events that took place in Germany in 2016.

In July, soon after an axe attack on train passengers in , the son of Iranian asylum seekers murdered 7 in a McDonald's outlet in .  A Syrian refugee murdered a pregnant Polish woman in Reutlingen only days ; the same day that a suicide bomber blew himself up in , injuring 12 people.  Several other murders and rapes took place in Germany in 2016, and the year ended with the murder of 12 when a migrant hijacked a truck and drove it in to a Christmas market in .

It was the year that followed the opening of Germany's borders to the Muslim world, and rape and terror were the result.  In January, I visited Germany and spoke at a large Pegida rally in its home town of Dresden.  You can listen to my speech .  During the same trip, I also spoke at the launch of Pegida Denmark, which rallies weekly in Copenhagen.  This speech is available .  I also published an article on Pegida in Breitbart, which you can read

2016 was the year in which Europe came face to face with the consequences of mass immigration from the Muslim world.  Misogyny and rape, child marriage, FGM, sharia, and terror attacks are these consequences, as the year has confirmed.  Sharia Watch has opposed this immigration in 2016, and will continue to do so in 2017. 

Alternative for Germany 

The fight back in Germany is being led by the AfD party (Alternative fur Deutschland), headed by Frauke Petry.  You can see a Channel 4 interview with Petry



Bastille Day in Nice was marked by the murder of 86 people when Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel drove a cargo truck in to crowds of party-goers. 

A family of four were attacked with a knife by a man upset by their clothing in Garda-Colombe.

An 86 year old priest was murdered in his church in .

There were several attacks on police officers and soldiers throughout the year and the country remained on high alert following two major jihadist terror attacks in 2015.  These included the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the Bataclan attack in November that killed 130 people. 

Also in 2016, the EU's capital Brussels was attacked by jihadists; 35 people died when the city's airport, as well as one of its underground stations, were bombed.  Belgium, along with France and Germany, paid a high price in 2016 for Muslim immigration and the EU's dangerous open borders.




In the summer of 2016, we ran the Islam Kills Women campaign which featured various speeches and articles. It ended with a rally at Parliament on August 20th. Some of the articles and speeches are linked below.




Government reviews in to the use of sharia law in the UK began in 2016. One of these was ordered by Prime Minister Theresa May when she was Home Secretary, the other a Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry.  The BBC therefore covered the issue on a couple of occasions (you can watch videos and ).  

Sharia Watch UK objected to the coverage of sharia law by the BBC as we believe it did not fully inform the audience as to the nature of sharia law and excluded important and relevant facts.  I wrote to the BBC (read the letter ) and Sharia Watch began a petition 'BBC, Tell the truth about sharia law', which you can sign .  

In 2017, I will take this petition to the BBC by hand and ask if they will inform the viewer of the full reality of sharia law, and allow those of us who object to the religion at its source a voice in their programming. Please help with this by signing and sharing our petition.  We will keep you up to date.  




At around this time last year we released our report in to the organised gangs raping, torturing and pimping young girls throughout England.  The report 'Rotherham - The Perfect Storm', can be read

In 2016, I visited Rotherham with Pegida UK.  We went to protest against the rape and abuse itself, but also against the appalling lack of response to these crimes by police and government.  You can see my speech at the rally .  I made a video prior to attending Rotherham, you can watch




In 2016, I visited Prague to meet with anti-jihad activists at the Fortress Europe conference.  I gave a speech about the election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London.  Unfortunately, there is no video available for this, but I wrote an article on Khan's election in Breitbart, which you can read

In Prague, I met representatives of the Identity Ireland group, who invited me to speak at a press conference in Dublin some months later.  You can watch my speech .  The Irish Times covered my visit  and that article can be read

In October, I went to Stockholm to speak at the Dangerous Words conference, an event organised to celebrate the passing of free speech protection laws in Sweden 250 years ago.  You can see my speech and Q&A .  The text of the speech is available




The coming year will be an even busier one for Sharia Watch UK.  In January, there will be a further video, featuring myself, from the Glazov Gang, and our long-awaited schools report will be published on the 31st.   

In February, I will attend a 2-day violence against women conference in Windsor.  I will raise the issue of sharia and will write a full report of the event.  We also have one other treat up our sleeves for February.

In March, I will participate in a Cambridge Union debate: ‘This House Believes that Islam is compatible with Western Liberalism’. Needless to say, I will be on the opposing side. 

We will host a 'Say What You Think About Islam' event at Speakers' Corner during the summer, and we will mark the first anniversary of the Orlando LGBT of 2016.... as well as much much more.

Sharia Watch continues to get bigger and better.  Our new website contains more information than ever (thank you to Lancastrian) and for 2017, a new feature will send articles or speeches involving Sharia Watch directly to your inbox.  

Sharia Watch will grow but we can only do this with your help.  We are so very grateful for your support and donations throughout 2016, every penny is much needed and much appreciated.  

If you can donate to Sharia Watch and help us continue to fight sharia law, please do so

If you wish to volunteer with Sharia Watch, email us at  

Thank you once again.  We wish all our supporters the very best for the coming year; we wish you a safe, prosperous and FREE 2017.  

Very best wishes, 

Anne Marie Waters 


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