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Shariah and child abuse - is there a connection?

Shariah and child abuse - is there a connection?



What is Shariah Law? To answer this question, one must understand that Shariah Law stems from the justification of the acts of physical and sexual violence of one man some 1400 years ago.

Mohammed proclaimed himself as the prophet of Allah, one of a pantheon of Gods worshipped in and around the Middle East at the time.  It has been suggested that the pre-Islamic Allah was the Babylonian deity Ba’al, not the Hebrew Yahweh as suggested in the Quran.  There is one huge difference between the Yahweh of Jewish and Christian literature and the Allah of Islamic literature; and that is that whilst Yahweh can and does defend his own holiness, Allah’s holiness (and therefore that of Mohammed’s) has to be avidly and violently defended by his followers.

My opinion is that Mohammed used Allah as one might use a ventriloquist’s dummy.  A careful reading of the Quran and hadith leaves us with the impression that when Mohammed wanted something, he would go into a trance and Allah would then respond to Mohammed’s request.  That is why we have a Quran that seems to contradict itself, and why we have the resulting abrogation of the mainly ‘peaceful’ passages, to the much more violent passages as time passes.

Shariah stands or falls therefore upon the behaviour of Mohammed as a man to be emulated, since it is his life and preaching which is enshrined in Shariah (and the hadith). 

Here is one:

Narrated 'Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

Sahih Bukhari 7:62:64

Do we really need a system of laws that sees nothing wrong with a man in his forties marrying a pre-pubescent child?

It is on the issue of the place of women in society that Shariah is at its most objectionable.   Shariah defines female unbelievers as the property (slaves) of believing males who have no rights at all; subject only to the whim of their owners.  

Even female believers are chattel to be passed from father to husband, with no real say in the matter, and if they object they can be killed to save the honour of the family. 

Women fought hard for equality in the West, they therefore need to look hard at where the government’s love affair with Islam is taking us.

To some Muslims, grooming underage non-Muslim girls is totally acceptable within Shariah, and it is this aspect of Shariah that the police and social services – by doing nothing, and by failing to do their jobs – negligently and shamefully allowed to be implemented in Rotherham and other places; all part of the creep of Shariah into our society.

I would like to believe that this creep was allowed to happen unwittingly, but the evidence suggests that it was policy from on high.   Blair promised us that he would be “Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime” but the grooming of underage girls was not perceived to be a crime by the relevant authorities in Rotherham.   Obviously the Shariah interpretation of sexual crime against minors held sway there.

Now that this situation is out in the open, we will see if Shariah still holds in Rotherham - if the matter is just swept under the carpet, then we will know that Rotherham is still Shariah compliant.  

There may however be a full enquiry, we will see the laws of the land enacted against those who raped vulnerable children, those who aided and abetted them, those who refused to investigate complaints and were thus accessories after the fact, and those who further victimized the victims saying that the sex was ‘consensual’ (they are all criminals and need to be punished with the full weight of English law, if only to demonstrate to all and sundry that Shariah is not the law of this land).  Failure to do this will send a very loud, and very clear message to every authority in the country, its ok to implement Sharah as an alternative to English law.

I expect however that there will be a few junior ranks blamed, and the real criminals will get off scot free – that is how it works.