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A small Example of Creeping Islamisation

This incident was related to us recently by a Sharia Watch supporter. It is a very small but quite telling exampe of the way our society is slowly succumbing to Islamification:

Everything you say is true and I’d love to help but it seems any criticism of Islam by anyone is considered Islamophobic. Only yesterday two Pakistani heritage males were trying to get on a local bus using a train pass and were not allowed on. Whereby the males started insulting the (white) driver and calling him Islamaphobic. He was clearly too afraid to say anything that may cost him his job. I stepped in and didn’t argue but just told them they had ten seconds to get off the bus or I’d call the Police, at which point the younger one called me a whore, a white man’s molly (I’m fifty one years old and a practising Catholic who always dresses modestly as if that’s any excuse). I stood my ground, called the Police as they were now beginning to verbally abuse other people on the bus who were standing up for the driver and the Police weren’t interested. They said it was up to the driver to sort it out. Eventually an elder of their community came and while not being polite at all to the driver, managed to calm the men down and we set off for our journey.