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Sweden: Whitewashing Its Anti-Semitism?

Sweden: Whitewashing Its Anti-Semitism?

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  • So far, expressing anti-Semitic views as a Social Democrat politician in Malmö has apparently been acceptable. Even though the party has publicly said it regretted the incidents, no one has yet had to resign because of them.

  • The memory of the Holocaust should not be reduced to a photo-op to whitewash Malmö's ruling politicians. Remembering the Holocaust is about clearly counteracting the conditions that created the Holocaust: the normalization of anti-Semitism.

  • It is this normalization of the anti-Semitism to which Sweden's Social Democrats and other Social Democratic parties in Europe -- like Jeremy Corbyn's UK Labour Party -- have contributed.

The Social Democrats' coalition partners in Malmö, the Liberals, have also had problems regarding anti-Semitism and its normalization in the public life of Malmö. In August 2018,  surfaced that one of the Liberals' politicians there, Muhammad Khorshid, who  anti-Semitic statements in the past, did, after the revelation, have to  his political assignments. In June 2019, the news site  related that despite relinquishing his posts, Khorshid had a meeting with the Liberals' leader in Malmö, Deputy Mayor Roko Kursar, in the City Hall and posted a picture of the meeting on Facebook. The subject of the meeting was the integration of migrants, public safety and the future of Malmö. Having access to leading politicians after being forced to resign seemed yet another signal that one can openly express anti-Semitic views and continue to have a good relationship with the ruling parties in Malmö.

In May, , a religious and cultural organization founded in 1871, sent a memo to the city administration of Malmö. The memo, entitled "Action Plan for the Continued Survival of the Jewish Community of Malmö".