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Switzerland: Chocolate, Watches and Jihad

Switzerland: Chocolate, Watches and Jihad

Date Published: 
Thursday, 2 February, 2017
  • Swiss authorities are currently investigating 480 suspected jihadists in the country.

  • "Radical imams always preached in the An-Nur Mosque... Those responsible are fanatics. It is no coincidence that so many young people from Winterthur wanted to do jihad." — Saïda Keller-Messahli, president of Forum for a Progressive Islam.

  • Switzerland is the answer to those who claim that Islamic terrorism is reserved for those countries that have participated in operations against ISIS or other Muslim terror organizations. Switzerland has done neither, yet its flag figured among sixty other enemy flags shown in an ISIS propaganda video.

  • "Huge sums of money from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey are flowing to Switzerland... There is a whole network of radically-oriented mosques in Switzerland. The Muslim World League is behind it.... The network is a hub for Salafists. The Swiss authorities make a big mistake of not looking into the mosques." — Saïda Keller-Messahli.

  • There are around 70 Turkish mosques financed directly from Turkey through the Diyanet Foundation in Switzerland.

  • The Swiss government appears to give Qatar, one of the primary propagators of Wahhabi Salafism in the world today, extremely special treatment.