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The Trilogy Project

Council of Europe - Sharia discriminates against non-Muslims
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Tuesday, 16 October, 2018
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The Trilogy Project was developed to make Islam’s three sacred texts, KoranSira and Hadith understandable to the ordinary person. It was based upon scientific principles and objective methods, so that any independent person could achieve the same results if they used the same methods.

All Islamic doctrine is based on words of Allah and the Sunna (words and actions) of Mohammed. Allah is found in the Koran and Mohammed is found in the Sira (biography) and the Hadith (traditions). All of Islam is based on KoranSira, and Hadith. If it is in the Trilogy, it is Islam. If it is not in the Trilogy, then it is not Islam. To know Islam, know the Trilogy.

The problem in knowing the Trilogy is that the  KoranSira, and Hadith were designed to be difficult to understand. There is only one way for them to be understood — they must be viewed as a systemic whole, not three separate books.

The CSPI books had to be fact-based and self-authenticating. In a sense, each book had to be a map to the original text. Nearly every paragraph in the CSPI book series has a reference number that allows the reader to go to the source text and verify what is written. If you don’t believe it or want more details, you can go the reference number and read the original.

Here are some of the topics that have been studied:

The Relative Sizes of the Trilogy Texts
Amount of Text Devoted to the Kafir
Amount of Sira Text Devoted to Topic
Anti-Jew Text in Trilogy
Percentage of Trilogy Text Devoted to Jihad
Woman’s Status in the Koran
Woman’s Status in the Hadith
Greater Jihad
Lesser Jihad
The meaning of the word “brother” in Islam
The Sunna of Mohammed: The Number of Times the Koran Commands
Muslims to Imitate Mohammed

The 13 Verses that reveal that a Muslim is not the friend of a Kafir

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