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Trojan Horse - Tip of the Iceberg

Trojan Horse - Tip of the Iceberg


Ofsted, the organisation charged with monitoring standards in British schools, has produced a report revealing disturbing messages being taught to children by Islamists in secular state institutions.

The story began earlier this year when a letter, apparently between Islamists (though now thought to be a hoax) in the centre of England revealed a plot - which became known as the Trojan Horse Plot - to take over state schools and run them in accordance with a hardline interpretation of Islam.  When the letter was published, several parents and teachers came forward to publicly express concerns about the governance of several schools. 

What followed was an investigation by Ofsted in to several schools in the city of Birmingham, and a report, published this week, that revealed a “culture of fear” in some of the UK’s state schools.

Findings included:

  • The Islamic call to prayer being played over loudspeakers in the school playground
  • Extremist speakers giving talks to pupils
  • Books promoting stoning, lashing and execution
  • Separation of boys and girls, with girls made to sit at the back of the class

In the Oldknow Academy, the Ofsted report stated that the school was "taking on the practices of an Islamic faith school” and that non-Muslim pupils were excluded from an annual trip to Saudi Arabia for three years running. It is claimed that “a small group of governors is making significant changes to the ethos and culture of the academy without full consultation. They are endeavoring to promote a particular and narrow faith-based ideology in what is a maintained and non-faith academy.  Some staff told Her Majesty's Inspectors that they feel afraid to speak out against recent changes in the academy for fear of losing their jobs.  During the inspection, senior leaders told Her Majesty's Inspectors that a madrasa had been established in the academy and had been paid for from the academy's budget."

In Luton, the Olive Tree Primary School (teaching children between the ages of 5 and 11) was found to be stocking library books which, according to Ofsted, had “no place in British society”. The books included ‘The Ideal Muslim’ by Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi, which advocates parents hitting children if they do not pray, and ‘Commanders Of The Muslim Army’ by Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar which praises those who "loved death more than life in their pursuit of righteous and true religion”. 

This is not the first time that Education Secretary Michael Gove has been confronted with worrying textbooks, related to Islam, in British schools.  In 2010, Channel 4 revealed that books used in Islamic faith schools included lessons on how to amputate limbs, the “reprehensible qualities” of the Jews, and that the correct penalty for homosexuality is execution.

In response to the recent revelations that similar attitudes are now seeping in to secular state institutions, Gove has ordered that all schools in Britain will be required to “actively promote British values”.  He will also give powers to inspectors to allow for without-notice visits to schools.

The Trojan Horse scandal constitutes a rare occasion when our political elite has been forced to face up to the Islamists in Britain.  Labour, in a particularly breath-taking display of hypocrisy, criticised Michael Gove for not taking action sooner and for placing children’s education in jeopardy. The fact is of course that vast numbers of children’s lives are being destroyed in this country at the hands of Islamists every year, and Labour’s political correctness and multiculturalist dogma has ensured that we have turned a blind eye to it.

Sharia councils are increasingly hearing and deciding upon cases of child custody in the UK, as confirmed by pro-sharia advocate Aina Khan.  Sharia law’s child custody rules dictate that fathers have sole rights when the child reaches a specified age (usually 7 or 9).  This is the case regardless of whether the father is abusive or violent.  The danger of this reality to the safety of children is immeasurable; yet there is no response on this from either side of the House of Commons. 

The Forced Marriage Unit has rescued thousands of young girls in recent years – one little girl deemed at risk of “marriage” was only 2 years old.  Another was a 5 year old.  In 2013, an ITV undercover investigation found several mosques willing to carry out underage marriages. An investigation by the Sunday Times found the same.   There was no response on this from the British government, and one imam who had been suspended for agreeing to marry an underage girl, was back at work a few weeks later.

Bit by bit, the British establishment is being confronted with the realities of Islamic extremism - but is it able to cope?  Encouraging British values may be a positive step, but already the multiculturalists are out in force mocking the very concept. One of the great insults to British culture is the idea that it does not exist; the implication is that Britain has simply got no identity or history or heritage of which to be proud. 

I beg to differ.  From this country came the Magna Carta – a document which later inspired the US constitution and the UN Declaration on Human Rights.  The Magna Carta hugely advanced the notions of freedom, the rule of law, and basic civil rights.  Perhaps this is what we can teach when we teach British values. 

When we encounter an ideology which does not believe in individual freedom, gender equality, or one law for all, it is of the utmost importance that those of us who do believe in these things defend them without apology.  Indeed it is our failure to do so, combined with cultural relativism and multiculturalism, that has allowed the current situation to occur.  We have attempted to accommodate an extremist ideology in our midst – one that is growing in power all over the world.  Thousands of British children will now pay a heavy price – the Torjan Horse is just the tip of the iceberg.