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Turkey:- Arming Genocide of Christians in Nigeria?

Turkey:- Arming Genocide of Christians in Nigeria?

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  • The gist of their brief conversation in Turkish, according to the Arabic transcript, is that weapons were being transferred from Turkey to Nigeria — and that there was a concern that the weapons might kill not just Christians but Muslims.

  • According to [Egyptian TenTV host Nasha't] al-Deyhi, this is proof positive that Turkey is the one supplying Boko Haram with its weapons — including sophisticated weapons — the source of which has long puzzled observers.

  • It appears that Erdogan's sponsorship of terrorism may not be limited to neighboring Middle Eastern nations; it may have reached deep into Africa. A serious investigation with possible sanctions is in order.

On a recent episode of  ("With Paper and Pen"), an Egyptian news program that airs on TenTV, its host, Nasha't al-Deyhi, said:

"Leaked information confirms that Turkey is a terrorist state; it supports terrorists — including with weapons. It supports terrorists with weapons. This time, however, not in Syria ... Today's leak confirms without doubt that Erdogan, his state, his government, and his party are transferring weapons fr