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UK report: Muslim men are 200 Times More Likely To Rape Children

UK report: Muslim men are 200 Times More Likely To Rape Children

United Kingdom (UK)
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Sharia Watch

Muslim rape gangs:

At least 300 paedophile rapists, groomers and sex traffickers face arrest as huge list of suspects drawn up by new police probe into gangs who abused 1,400 girls in the English town of Rotherham.

- National Crime Agency probe 'Operation Stovewood' began last year

- Says over 1,400 victims in the town identified by report was 'a very good estimate'

- Underage non-Muslim girls were targeted, groomed for sex, drugged, raped, abused, tortured, and then pimped out and trafficked to other towns by gangs of men who are predominantly (91%) Muslim.

- Report was critical of police and local authority inaction over the past decades, for their failure to address this phenomenon due to police and councils fear of being accused of "racism".

- Local labour council also admitted that they did not want to "rock the boat" in their constituency - as they knew Muslims overwhelmingly vote Labour.

- Media constantly refers to the gangs as "Asian" grooming gangs, broadening the issue instead of identifying and highlighting the problem.

- The root cause of this offence is the Islamic doctrine, which condones child marriages and gives Muslims full permission to marry, have sex with and divorce pre-pubescent girls.