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UKIP must face Islam, or die

UKIP must face Islam, or die

Date Published: 
Wednesday, 8 March, 2017

No other party can do this but UKIP. The others have already sold their souls. Labour won’t do it because it relies on the Muslim vote. The Tories are no better; they’ve been in Government (albeit most of the time in a coalition) for some years now, and yet nothing whatsoever has changed.

If UKIP won’t step up and take this on, then someone truly nasty could. There are numerous (actual) racists, fascists, anti-Semites, misogynists out there just waiting to use Islam as the excuse to turn back the clock on all the progress the West has made. We must find the place between the ugliness of Islam and the ugliness of those who will rise if decent people are forced in to silence.

These problems are not going to go away, they will only get worse unless firm and unapologetic action is taken. If UKIP won’t do this, someone will, and UKIP could simply fade away; seen as out of touch and too afraid to challenge the orthodoxy of the Left-dominated media, it could become irrelevant. For the sake of the country we love, we shouldn’t allow this to happen.