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U.N. Finds Slavery in the Sudan

U.N. Finds Slavery in the Sudan

Sudan (the)
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Sharia Watch

FORCED CONVERSION: 42. Reports continue to be received of enforced Islamization in the government-controlled areas in the conflict zones and among displaced southerners in northern Sudan. Food and relief, including medicines and clothes, are among the means used to force people to convert to the Islamic religion. The displaced persons who reject Islam are refused shelter and relief.

SLAVERY AND THE SLAVE TRADE: 52. Since the overwhelming majority of the victims are children belonging to southern tribes or tribes from the Nuba Mountains and the Ingassema Hills, the racial aspect of the violations cannot be disregarded. The Special Rapporteur believes that the racial dimension of the violations and abuses against children living in northern Sudan, or, in the case of children in southern Sudan, those who are abducted and sold into slavery constitutes a particularly grave and alarming circumstance, which should be of particular concern from a human rights perspective.

....the Special Rapporteur concludes that the total passivity of the Government after having received information for years regarding this situation can only be interpreted as tacit political approval and support of the institution of slavery and the slave trade.