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Upskirting trumps child rape

Upskirting trumps child rape

Date Published: 
Friday, 22 June, 2018

Lucy Allan MP is fighting the good fight in Telford, asking some tough questions about the widespread child rape that was taking place there. Ms Allan and others refer to the systematic rape of children as child sexual exploitation (CSE), and I make no criticism of her for that, but I will stick to the old-fashioned term child rape as I feel it is more accurate.

Ms Allan asked in Parliament why ‘’.

I don’t think it is that complex. A 13-year-old was allegedly raped by ‘multiple perpetrators’, and they say they thought she was consenting and over 16. The CPS believe the jury will nod along when these alleged perpetrators say: ‘Yes, we thought she was consenting, this 13-year-old, and we really, really believed she was 16. We all believed, all of us, the whole gang thought this 13-year-old was having a great time.’

Amazing. A drunken date gone wrong between two 20-somethings at university will see a prosecution before you can say ‘But she invited me back and took all my clothes off.’

A 13-year-old girl with a bunch of men . . . oh, we think she consented.

All victims are equal, but some are more equal than others.