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We’ve been Rotherhamed

We’ve been Rotherhamed

United Kingdom (UK)
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But that is not the half of it. Peterborough’s postal vote was far above the normal percentage (and almost 10,000 strong) and heavily utilised in the city’s most Muslim area. There are stories of imams filling in voter slips for worshippers and local non-Labour Muslims have complained of intimidation. Labour is also accused of buying votes at ten quid a go. If this were not a problem associated with Muslim community leaders and activists then I suspect it would be front-page news. And yet to make such an assertion is to run the risk of being called a racist by the usual troupe of woke idiots who are purblind to the facts.

It’s not as if this was an isolated incident — far from it. In 2016 the Electoral Commission identified a bunch of areas in the UK which were vulnerable to voter fraud: Blackburn, Darwen, Bradford, Bristol, Burnley, Calderdale, Coventry, Derby, Hyndburn, Kirklees, Luton, Oldham, Pendle, Peterborough, Slough, Tower Hamlets, Walsall and Woking. Notice anything about those towns and cities? What is it that they have in common, do you reckon? The Electoral Commission, at the time, had no doubts, even if it worded its warnings very carefully, suggesting only the ‘vulnerability of some South Asian communities, specifically those with roots in parts of Pakistan or Bangladesh, to electoral fraud’.

Sir Eric Pickles, a former government minister, suggested that ‘political correctness’ had facilitated electoral fraud and that the authorities were in a ‘state of denial’. No kidding. Six Muslim councillors were kicked off Birmingham City Council as a consequence of voter fraud and the Muslim mayor of Tower Hamlets was also removed from office.