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What Can I Do

What Can I Do

Our elected representatives need to understand these issues. At present, there appears to be a worrying lack of knowledge surrounding sharia law in British public life.

We recommend some of the following actions:

Write to your MP

You can find your local MP here

If you are to send an email to him/her, it would be helpful to include a copy of our report 'Britain's Blind Spot' which can you read or download a PDF copy . You may also like to mention the ECHR ruling relating to Sharia Law which can be found

Write to the media

Stories routinely appear in the mainstream media on matters related to Islam and sharia - if you can, write to newspapers, tweet television channels, leave online comments - it is vital that the public voice is heard.


Talk to people - friends, family etc - when you learn about issues surrounding sharia.

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and check this website regularly, to make sure you are informed



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