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Why should we pay for a brutal ISIL enforcer to return?

United Kingdom (UK)
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I felt thoroughly vindicated over the weekend when two separate sources confirmed that Shamima was not the innocent housewife of Raqqa she claimed to be, minding the children and doing the ironing while hubby went off for an honest day’s mass murdering. Begum, as I strongly suspected, appears to have been a member of the  which meted out brutal punishments to women in Raqqa who failed to abide by Sharia law. One young girl recalled being snatched off the street by a group of armed women for wearing her headscarf incorrectly. At gunpoint, they tested her knowledge of prayer, fasting and hijab. A witness claimed that Shamima, who had been issued with a Kalashnikov rifle, chastised a girl for wearing pink trainers. The girl retorted bravely that Begum herself was wearing colorful trainers. Her fate is unknown.

As if that weren’t horrifying enough, Begum is believed to have sewn suicide vests onto would-be bombers. It puts a rather different slant onhastily depriving Begum of her UK citizenship, doesn’t it? “Needlework 101: Stitch Your Very Own Suicide Garment, taught by experienced tutor, S Begum” would not be a welcome addition to evening classes at Tower Hamlets town hall.