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This is Why A Survey of the Causes of the Widespread Criticism, Dislike, and Suspicion of Islam in Britain

Date Published: 
Sunday, 4 December, 2016



Why Is There Such Widespread Criticism, Dislike, and Suspicion of Islam?

The answer is simple. Islam is the cause of so many things that puzzle, annoy, or repulse non-Muslims. To demonstrate this point, this survey provides a very large sample of 402 headlines and extracts from news reports concerning Islam and Muslims published by UK media and other English language media (especially in Europe and America) over the last 12 months. It concentrates on social, cultural, religious, and political topics and mostly ignores terrorism and armed conflict in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The Islamic State is sometimes covered because it has such a strong Islamic dimension. The Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, and the Sun account for 17 percent of the reports. The BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Times account for 25 percent, and UK regional newspapers account for 7 percent. An analysis of all the media covered is given at the end of this document. The news reports are listed by month. Each month starts with items directly concerning the UK then has sections for the Western and Muslim worlds