ECHR Ruling: 

"sharia law is incompatible with democracy and human rights"


Annual Report 2003 of the European Court of Human Rights

Council of Europe


It is useful, in our comfortable complacency and general lack of any historical memory at all, and overarching concern to avoid “Islamophobia,” to recall what happened when the Muslims entered the great city.

Historian Steven Runciman notes that the Muslim soldiers “slew everyone that they met in the streets, men, women, and children without discrimination. The blood ran in rivers down the steep streets from the heights of Petra toward the Golden Horn. But soon the lust for slaughter was assuaged. The soldiers realized that captives and precious objects would bring them greater profit.” (The Fall of Constantinople 1453, Cambridge University Press, 1965, p. 145.)

Some jihadists “made for the small but splendid churches by the walls, Saint George by the Charisian Gate, Saint John in Petra, and the lovely church of the monastery of the Holy Saviour in Chora, to strip them of their stores of plate and their vestments and everything else that could be torn from them. In the Chora they left the mosaics and frescoes, but they destroyed the icon of the Mother of God, the Hodigitria, the holiest picture in all Byzantium, painted, so men said, by Saint Luke himself. It had been taken there from its own church beside the Palace at the beginning of the siege, that its beneficient presence might be at hand to inspire the defenders on the walls. It was taken from its setting and hacked into four pieces.” (P. 146.)


A school in the United Kingdom called “Darul Uloom Islamic High School” is pumping their “students” full of vile, evil, despicable ideas and indoctrinating them with bigoted views against other religions and nonbelievers, as well as other Muslims.

UK Mosque Statistics




2 Affiliations Data

Masjid ‘Theme’ Total % of Total 2014 Totals
Deobandi 779 43.2% 754 (43%)
Bareilvi 447 24.8% 419(24.1%)
Other Sufi 74 4.1% 57(3.3%)
Maudoodi-inspired, 'Islamic Movement' 51 2.8% 51(2.9%)
Salafi 155 8.6% 121(7.0%)
Arabic or African Mainstream 59 3.3% 56(3.2%)
Ikhwaan 8 0.4% 8(0.5%)
Shi'a, Twelvers, Bohra or Ismaili 69 3.8% 71(4.1%)
Ibadi 1 0.1% 0(0%)
Inclusive unaffiliated Sunni 5 0.3% 2(0.1%)
Exclusive unaffiliated Sunni 3 0.2% 2(0.1%)
Modernist 4 0.2% 2(0.1%)
Non-denom prayer rooms etc 125 6.9% 175(10.1%)
Non-Muslim, Qadiani faith 24 1.3% 22(1.3%)

Total active masjids/prayer rooms

1804 100% 1740(100%)

Masjids with 'Unknown' themes have been divided pro rata, and this causes a minor rounding error in the total. Some organisers of ad hoc prayer arrangements such as halls hired for Jumu'ah, follow an exclusive theme; if so, these are included here - also adding a rounding error. Includes (from table 1.5)


ShariaWatch Admin:

We think "Maudoodi-inspired, 'Islamic Movement'" refers to: 

Deobandi, Maudoodi-inspired, 'Islamic Movement', Ikhwaan & Salafi are conservative sects and represent 55% of the total.


UK Mosque Statistics

  • "They are burning us alive! They seek to exterminate Christians altogether! Where's the military?" -- Christian man fleeing Al-Arish, Egypt; video.

  • "Historical churches in Iran being destroyed while UNESCO overlooks," is the title of one report.

  • On the same day as Pakistan's government charged an elderly Christian man with blasphemy -- which carries a death penalty -- it acquitted 106 Muslims of burning down an entire Christian village.


What ISIS is doing is the exact copy of what Mughals did against Sikh Gurus and followers of Sikhism from 15th century to 18th century. Mughal Empire wanted whole India to be converted to Islam religion. Hindus started converting to Muslim because of fear. Watching hundreds of thousands conversion and the fear for their own life, Hindu religious leaders came and asked for help from Sikh Gurus and his followers. Sikh Gurus stepped up to protect freedom of religion (which was unheard on any corner of the world at that time) and Mughals started the same brutal war crime against Sikhs is exactly what Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is doing today in 21st century.

  • Sharia law, the president at the time of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils ludicrously argued, far from discriminating against women, "guarantees women's rights that are not recognised in mainstream Australian courts".

  • The Australian Federal Police investigated 69 incidents of forced or under-age marriage in the 2015-16 financial year, up from 33 the previous year. While there are no official numbers, it is estimated that there are 83,000 women and girls in Australia who may have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM).

  • The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which has spent the past four years probing numerous religious organizations, has made no inquiries into Islam. The commission has held 6,500 one-on-one private interview sessions with survivors or witnesses making allegations of child sexual abuse within institutions, but only three sessions in relation to Islamic institutions.


Imam Tawhidi

0:48 "Youths are being radicalised. This happens because of the books that we have, the Islamic scriptures that we have...They are being led to believe that if you go out there, you kill the infidel you will gain paradise"

4:16 "I disagree, for the past 1400 years we have had a religion of war, that's exactly what we have had"

  • Europe still has not realized that the terror which struck its metropolis was a war, and not the mistake of a few disturbed people who misunderstood the Islamic religion.

  • We are apparently not ready to abandon our masochistic rules of engagement, which privilege the enemy's people over our own.

  • It appears that for Europe, Islamic terrorism is not real, but only a momentary disruption of its routine. We fight against global warming, malaria and hunger in Africa. But are we not ready to fight for our civilization? Have we already given up?


Douglas Murray on why government refuses even to name the ideological & terrorist threat we face today.


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