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United Kingdom (UK) 16/11/2018 Rotherham child sex grooming gang jailed for 101 years
United Kingdom (UK) 16/11/2018 At least 17 councils across the UK are supplying non-stunned halal meat to dozens of schools
United Kingdom (UK) 16/11/2018 ‘We are capitulating to extremists’
Pakistan 15/11/2018 Asia Bibi and the legacy of partition
France 15/11/2018 WESTERN EUROPE Elderly man attacked for carrying Christmas presents in Paris: “This is what we do to disbelievers”
Belgium 15/11/2018 Belgium: Muslim organisation brainwashes children as young as five to reject Western culture
Sudan (the) 15/11/2018 Sudan Christians released after arrest, torture for converting from Islam
Israel 13/11/2018 Massive Missile Attack on Israel after Qatar Funds Hamas
United Kingdom (UK) 13/11/2018 NSS: religious offence-taking must not curtail free speech at BBC
European Union 12/11/2018 VIDEO: Muslim Refugees Taught To Lie About Being Christian By NGOs
Australia 12/11/2018 Australian PM dismisses mental illness as an “excuse” for “dangerous ideology of extremist Islam” after jihad attack
Australia 12/11/2018 PM dismisses mental health as an “excuse” for “radical and dangerous ideology of extremist Islam” in Melbourne terror aftermath
Pakistan 12/11/2018 Unable to Reach Asia Bibi, Pakistan’s Islamists Attacking Random Christians
Egypt 11/11/2018 A Bloodbath for Christians, No Response from Egypt
Slovakia 11/11/2018 Terror-free Slovakia completely refuses Islam and won’t allow a single mosque
Bangladesh 09/11/2018 Bangladesh PM: 'Anyone who offends Islam will be prosecuted'
United Kingdom (UK) 09/11/2018 UK 'Won't Offer Asylum To Asia Bibi Amid Security Concerns'
United Kingdom (UK) 08/11/2018 Extremist preacher Shakeel Begg invited to Labour anti-racism rally
United Kingdom (UK) 07/11/2018 “THE ‘INFORMED CHOICES’ OF YOUNG GIRLS”
Pakistan 05/11/2018 Asia Bibi: Pakistan's Judicial Betrayal
Indonesia 05/11/2018 Transwomen hosed down with fire truck for ‘impurity cleansing’ by authorities in Indonesia: Activists
Malaysia 04/11/2018 Malaysia will not criminalize marital rape: “Islam has provided guidance on this matter”
United Kingdom (UK) 03/11/2018 Labour concealed antisemitic threat against Jewish MP Luciana Berger
European Union 02/11/2018 Sharia law has now been inserted into the laws of member states – Leading expert on Islam
Egypt 02/11/2018 Egypt: Deadly attack on bus from Coptic Christian monastery
France 31/10/2018 WESTERN EUROPE Anarchy threatens France and within five years the situation could be irreversible – Ex-Minister
United Kingdom (UK) 31/10/2018 Ofsted uncovers ‘extremely worrying’ material in unregistered schools
United Kingdom (UK) 31/10/2018 Rotherham sex abuse victim: Police did not take my case seriously
United Kingdom (UK) 30/10/2018 Imam who sexually assaulted child has 'unduly lenient' sentence increased
United Kingdom (UK) 30/10/2018 Police Dealing with Less than 20% of Rotherham’s 1,523 Grooming Gang Victims