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Israel 16/07/2019 Guardian, Independent and Telegraph ignore Hamas official’s call for genocide
Israel 14/07/2019 Senior Hamas official calls on members of Palestinian diaspora to kill Jews
United Kingdom (UK) 14/07/2019 UK: Jihad terrorists can work at airports without MI5 being tipped off
Israel 11/07/2019 Israel has thwarted 50 jihad attacks by the Islamic State and Iran around the world
Indonesia 02/07/2019 Police say woman who took dog into mosque schizophrenic, still charge her with blasphemy
Sweden 30/06/2019 Sweden: 95% think Islam is incompatible with human rights
Sweden 30/06/2019 Sweden: Jewish congregation in Muslim-dominated Malmö says city is “already a no-go zone for Jews”
United Kingdom (UK) 29/06/2019 Police admit failing to prosecute Islamists for membership of UK’s ‘most dangerous extremist group’
United Kingdom (UK) 28/06/2019 Hunting knife jihad plotter jailed
United Kingdom (UK) 28/06/2019 Britain has 'by far the highest rate of returning jihadi fighters in Europe'
Nigeria 28/06/2019 Revealed: Boko Haram’s child army
United Kingdom (UK) 22/06/2019 We’ve been Rotherhamed
United Kingdom (UK) 22/06/2019 Child abusers become 21st member of Asian sex gang to be jailed as two are sentenced for sexually exploiting girl groomed from a
Mali 22/06/2019 Mali: Muslims murder 95 Christians, “no one was spared – women, children, elderly people”
United Kingdom (UK) 21/06/2019 Men in burkas throw acid at market trader
United Kingdom (UK) 20/06/2019 Churches in Stratford, West Ham and Leytonstone targeted in arson attacks
United Kingdom (UK) 20/06/2019 Churches in Stratford, West Ham and Leytonstone targeted in arson attacks
Lebanon 20/06/2019 Lebanon: Sunni Muslim plotted jihad massacres at Christian churches and Shi’ite mosques
United Kingdom (UK) 20/06/2019 New Islamophobia definition could be 'bully's charter,' warns former equalities chief
European Union 19/06/2019 Contact Iran: New Terrorist Activity in Europe
United Kingdom (UK) 19/06/2019 BBC presenter apologises after imam in TV debate criticised over Israel comments
United Kingdom (UK) 19/06/2019 Conservatives must not empower the hardliners with a needless inquiry into Islamophobia
Egypt 19/06/2019 Egypt: Christian arrested, Muslims trash home over claim he insulted Islam on Facebook
Sweden 16/06/2019 Sweden: Five imams to be deported as security threats
Niger (the) 15/06/2019 Protestors Burn Church in Niger Over Sheikh’s Arrest
Germany 14/06/2019 Germany is accused of downplaying anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims
United Kingdom (UK) 14/06/2019 Muslim dad and brother ‘abused entire family after two daughters refused arranged marriages’
Palestine 13/06/2019 The Suppressed Plight of Palestinian Christians
Nigeria 13/06/2019 Nigeria: Muslims storm church choir practice, kidnap 19 Christians, murder one
Malaysia 13/06/2019 Man — charged with insulting Islam, Prophet Muhammad