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United Kingdom (UK) 22/09/2019 Muslim of the Year nominee is probed by police after she was filmed telling a rally 'jihad is the only solution'
Indonesia 22/09/2019 Indonesia: Millions risk jail as sex outside of marriage is criminalized
Indonesia 22/09/2019 Indonesia: Three couples publicly flogged for un-Islamic public affection
Australia 22/09/2019 Australia: Muslim brothers plotted to blow up packed plane with bomb hidden in meat grinder
France 22/09/2019 Sharia France: Islamocritic Eric Zemmour guilty of “Islamophobia” for saying France “colonized” by Muslims
United Kingdom (UK) 21/09/2019 Row after revelation Jeremy Corbyn signed document accusing Israel of genocide
United Kingdom (UK) 19/09/2019 NSS challenges government backtracking on non-stun meat labelling
United States of America (the) 18/09/2019 Miami: Muslim American Airlines mechanic who sabotaged plane had ISIS videos, spoke of wanting to harm non-Muslims
United Kingdom (UK) 17/09/2019 UK: The Push to End Free Speech
United Kingdom (UK) 17/09/2019 FGM 'increasingly performed on UK babies'
Italy 17/09/2019 Italian soldier is stabbed in the throat by a man with scissors shouting 'Allahu Akbar' outside Milan train station
Saudi Arabia 16/09/2019 Saudi Arabia executes 134 as crucifixions rise - with 3 children at risk of death
Australia 15/09/2019 Butcher under pressure to take down 'offensive and demeaning' sign
United Kingdom (UK) 15/09/2019 Scotland: Muslims scream ‘racism’ over new law to stop female genital mutilation
United States of America (the) 13/09/2019 Trump’s ‘Islam Hates Us’ Returns
United Kingdom (UK) 12/09/2019 Father and daughter guilty of running illegal [Islamic] school
United Kingdom (UK) 12/09/2019 UK: Tony Blair Think-Tank Proposes End to Free Speech
United Kingdom (UK) 12/09/2019 City mosque gets go ahead for 24-hour access - but only for praying
United Kingdom (UK) 09/09/2019 Jury selection begins in Huddersfield child sexual exploitation trial
United Kingdom (UK) 08/09/2019 Bristol University accused of failing to heed Jewish students' complaints
United Kingdom (UK) 07/09/2019 Revealed: the press regulator’s leaked guidelines on Islamophobia
United Kingdom (UK) 07/09/2019 The press regulator must not turn into a religious thought police
European Union 01/09/2019 I was disturbed to hear Tariq Ramadan speaking of Europe as dar al-Shahada, i.e. house of Islamic belief
Pakistan 31/08/2019 Asia Bibi pleads for justice for victims of Pakistan's harsh blasphemy laws as she plans to settle in Europe
United Kingdom (UK) 30/08/2019 The truth about hate speech
Indonesia 29/08/2019 Ground shifts in Indonesia's economy as conservative Islam takes root
United Kingdom (UK) 26/08/2019 The gatekeepers of public debate can’t patronise away anti-Muslim bigotry
Denmark 20/08/2019 Denmark: How to Deal with Integration?
United Kingdom (UK) 19/08/2019 UK: Social media network promoting Western, anti-terror Muslim identity is covert government program