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United Kingdom (UK) 19/01/2019 Police probe south London mosque-based Scout group linked to Islamic extremist over claims it segregates boys from girls and urg
United Kingdom (UK) 19/01/2019 Boris Johnson warned of 'reprisal' attacks if Isil Beatles pair executed in US
United Kingdom (UK) 18/01/2019 London Gang Douse Victims In Acid During Homophobic Attack Caught On CCTV
Malaysia 17/01/2019 Malaysian government bans ALL Israeli athletes, competitors from country
United Kingdom (UK) 17/01/2019 Halal meat row is being used to stir up racial hatred says council leader
Canada 15/01/2019 Saudi refugee woman (ex-Muslims) faces death threats in Canada
Kenya 15/01/2019 Nairobi Hit by Jihad Attack
United Kingdom (UK) 14/01/2019 Detectives arrest 55 men in Dewsbury, Batley and Bradford over historic child sex abuse allegations
United Kingdom (UK) 11/01/2019 Hamas leader quits Finsbury Park mosque board after watchdog inquiry
United Kingdom (UK) 09/01/2019 BBC asks if Muslim teen who fled Saudi in fear of death ‘should be able to leave Islam’
United Kingdom (UK) 09/01/2019 BBC asks if Muslim teen who fled Saudi in fear of death ‘should be able to leave Islam’
United Kingdom (UK) 08/01/2019 Ten men go on trial accused of preying on two vulnerable girls in care
India 05/01/2019 India: “Movement for Islamic War” led by Islamic preacher amassed huge weapons cache, plotted massacre at police HQ
Belgium 05/01/2019 Belgium Bans Religious Slaughtering Practices, Drawing Praise and Protest
United Kingdom (UK) 04/01/2019 Parents are withdrawing children from religion lessons over objections to the teaching of Islam
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 28/12/2018 Iran Hangs Young Woman, Another Victim Of Sexual Violence
Pakistan 28/12/2018 'She confessed... how can we forgive her?': Asia Bibi's former neighbours still want her put to death
Morocco 20/12/2018 ISIS fanatics and their supporters take to social media to share horrific video showing the moment Scandinavian tourist is behea
Greece 19/12/2018 Sharia ‘law’ should not trump domestic law, ECHR rules
Germany 18/12/2018 Berlin Mosque Raided over Suspected ‘Terrorist Criminal Acts’
16/12/2018 "United Nations, Your Silence is Getting Worse": Extremist Persecution of Christians, September 2018
Pakistan 15/12/2018 Pakistan sentences Christian brothers to death for online blasphemy
Egypt 12/12/2018 Egypt: Muslim mob screaming “Allahu akbar” attacks Christians, forces closure of church
Czech Republic (the) 12/12/2018 Czech politicians want to ban Islam completely as it ‘colonises society’
Indonesia 10/12/2018 Indonesia: Google approves app enabling Muslims to report people who commit blasphemy
United Kingdom (UK) 10/12/2018 Prison imam ‘caught taking drugs worth £60,000 into jail’
Ireland 09/12/2018 Controversial Muslim charity sets up branch in Ireland
Indonesia 07/12/2018 Islamic 'gay' exorcisms sign of growing conservatism in Indonesia
United Kingdom (UK) 07/12/2018 British Shopping Centre BANS Xmas to Avoid Upsetting Non-Christiansuni
United Kingdom (UK) 05/12/2018 Man punches his partner in the face and tells cops ‘it’s part of my culture to hit women’