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France 20/11/2020 French authorities close over 150 establishments in 15 districts over radical Islam links
United Kingdom (UK) 27/05/2020 Disgraced official in Trojan horse scandal, given top police force role
Pakistan 27/05/2020 Pakistan's Asia Bibi's Brother-In-Law's Body Found With Throat Slit
United Kingdom (UK) 27/05/2020 Muslim group Cage’s apocalyptic online ads are banned
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 27/05/2020 Islamic Republic of Iran: Father beheads his 13-year-old daughter in honor killing
Somalia, United States of America (the) 27/05/2020 Naturalized US citizen, former DC cab driver, indicted for attempting to join jihad terror group
United Kingdom (UK) 27/05/2020 UK: Muslim migrant vandalizes Sikh house of worship
United Kingdom (UK) 26/05/2020 UK: Labour MP once fired for calling out ‘British Pakistani men raping white girls’ now joins ‘grooming gang’ review
Algeria 26/05/2020 Algeria: Muslims destroy works of art “for Allah the almighty”
Nigeria 26/05/2020 Police: Charge Or Release Mubarak Bala By Leo Igwe
United Kingdom (UK) 26/05/2020 Harrow Central Mosque's plan to broadcast call to prayer faces 18,000-strong petition
Canada, European Union, Israel, Palestine 25/05/2020 Millions in coronavirus aid for “Palestinians” from Canada, EU, UK and others went to jihad-linked organizations
Cyprus 25/05/2020 Cyprus to deport 17 Muslim migrants suspected of jihad terror links
United Kingdom (UK) 24/05/2020 UK: Muslims enraged at plan to open bar next to mosque, claim it will lead to “drink-fueled Islamophobia”
United Kingdom (UK) 24/05/2020 Mosques across Britain could sound call to prayer through loudspeakers after councils gave permission during Ramadan
United Kingdom (UK) 23/05/2020 More than 100 UK mosques demand watchdog probe Conservative Party for Islamophobia
Pakistan 22/05/2020 Pakistan’s ‘Islamophobia’ problem
Netherlands (the) 22/05/2020 Netherlands: Mosque’s neighbors complain of loudness of call to prayer on loudspeakers, mosque says “get used to it”
United Kingdom (UK) 21/05/2020 Mosque applies for exemption from lockdown restrictions
Austria 20/05/2020 Austria: Muslim migrant double murderer mocks his victims, says “Only Allah can judge me”
United Kingdom (UK) 20/05/2020 It’s time to tell the truth about grooming gangs
India 20/05/2020 India: Muslim political party urges Muslims to disregard Indian laws, run “parallel judiciary based on Sharia”
Spain, United Kingdom (UK) 20/05/2020 Spain: Muslim migrant who ran successful computer business in UK jailed for funding the Islamic State
Pakistan 19/05/2020 Pakistan: Two teen girls killed for honor by cousin over 52-second video of them with young man
European Union, United Kingdom (UK) 19/05/2020 EU Counter-Terrorism top dog says Islamic State is preparing jihad massacres of coronavirus medics
United States of America (the) 19/05/2020 Domestic Islamist Extremism Up 50 Percent Last Year
United Kingdom (UK) 18/05/2020 Regulator opens inquiry into Islamic charity
United Kingdom (UK) 18/05/2020 Regulator opens inquiry into charity which has promoted extremism
Nigeria 17/05/2020 Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslims murder 23 Christians as media claims that “holy month” is for prayer and forgiveness
India 17/05/2020 Popular Muslim preacher Zakir Naik urges Islamic countries to arrest and prosecute non-Muslim Indians under blasphemy laws