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United Kingdom (UK) 22/11/2019 Why are the police at war with free speech?
United Kingdom (UK) 20/11/2019 The blood of Christ is now offensive in the UK
Netherlands (the) 20/11/2019 Netherlands: Muslim migrant gets 10 years prison dawah for plot to murder Geert Wilders over Muhammad cartoons
United Kingdom (UK) 19/11/2019 UK: Leftist Welsh party campaign ad features niqabbed Muslima who wrote numerous anti-Semitic posts
France 19/11/2019 France: 15 mosques linked to jihad terror shut down
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 19/11/2019 Iran: Demonstrators chant “We don’t want an Islamic Republic, we don’t want it, we don’t want it
Kenya 18/11/2019 Suleiman Shahbal: “I Deeply Resent How They Misinterpret My Religion”
United States of America (the) 18/11/2019 ISIS urges Muslims to masquerade as journalists to get bombs near to world leaders such as Trump
Nigeria 18/11/2019 Nigeria: Muslims hack 87-year-old Christian to death by machete and kill another Christian by gunshot
Germany 18/11/2019 German government tells public not to panic over returning Islamic State jihadis who will not be arrested
Indonesia 18/11/2019 Indonesia: Muslims who built bomb that exploded at police headquarters ran Qur’an study group
United States Minor Outlying Islands (the), United States of America (the) 18/11/2019 Non-Muslim Mayor in Alabama Celebrates Election with Qur’an Readings
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 18/11/2019 Video from Iran: Protestors chant “Mullahs must get lost, down with Islamic regime of Iran”
Germany 18/11/2019 Germany: Muslim migrant soldier invents story of Germans kicking him and saying “Only Germans should wear uniform”
United Kingdom (UK) 18/11/2019 Muslim voters could swing 31 marginal seats, research finds
Algeria, Burkina Faso, Canada, Egypt, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines (the), Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom (UK) 17/11/2019 The "Great Pleasure in Destroying Christians": The Persecution of Christians, September 2019
Israel, United Kingdom (UK) 17/11/2019 Hamas 'salutes' Jeremy Corbyn and thanks him for message at pro-Palestinian rally
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Sweden 17/11/2019 Sweden: Iranian Muslim detained on suspicion of crimes against humanity in 1988 mass executions in Iran
United Kingdom (UK) 17/11/2019 Jeremy Corbyn praising hate preacher Raed Salah
Afghanistan 16/11/2019 Afghanistan: Sharia-adherent Muslims murder three secular judges after Taliban stop their car
France 16/11/2019 France is target of more Islamic jihad attacks than any other EU state, French Leftists denounce “Islamophobia”
United Kingdom (UK) 16/11/2019 UK: Conservative Party suspends councillor for questioning Islamic supremacism and Sharia
India 15/11/2019 India: Four Muslims, including an imam, arrested for hiding explosives inside a mosque, “something big” was planned
Ethiopia 15/11/2019 Ethiopia: Muslim leader calls for beheading of Christians, then two pastors beheaded
Congo (the Democratic Republic of the) 14/11/2019 DRC: Muslims murder ten civilians in raid on village
Saudi Arabia 14/11/2019 Saudi Arabia’s state security agency categorizes feminism, homosexuality and atheism as extremist ideas
United Kingdom (UK) 14/11/2019 UK braced for influx of jihadis from Turkey as Ankara announces deportation of Briton held for a year
United Kingdom (UK) 14/11/2019 Government warns Islamic school with pro-Taliban book in library
European Union 14/11/2019 Europe: The New Political Weapon of 'Islamophobia'
Finland 13/11/2019 Finland: Leftist Muslim migrant politician admits he fabricated story about man who told him “go back to Somalia”