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United Kingdom (UK) 17/09/2018 Men with more than one wife will get extra benefits under new rules
United Kingdom (UK) 17/09/2018 Kidnapped Teenage Girl Held for 12 Years by Sex Grooming Gang
United Kingdom (UK) 16/09/2018 Islamic militants ‘hijack prison Bible class and attacked chaplain leaving him fearing for his life’
France 16/09/2018 Journalist investigates wholesale denial of pivotal anti-Semitic murder in Paris
Germany 15/09/2018 Controversial ‘Anti-Islam’ Book Shoots to Top of German Best Seller List
Pakistan 14/09/2018 Pakistani Court Sentences Man to Death for Blasphemy
United Kingdom (UK) 07/09/2018 UK schoolgirls pressured into FGM, campaigner says
Malaysia 03/09/2018 Muslim women caned in Malaysia over same-sex behaviour
United Kingdom (UK) 30/08/2018 Parents make children wear ‘halal only’ signs after school serves wrong food
United Kingdom (UK) 30/08/2018 Father of two jihadis killed in Syria is jailed for 18 months after threatening to have his wife shot if she gave evidence again
Netherlands (the) 29/08/2018 Dutch police arrest man said plotting to kill Geert Wilders over Muhammad images
Australia 29/08/2018 Islamist extremist leader stares down a former Muslim and says he should DIE for renouncing his faith
Nigeria 28/08/2018 Abducted Nigerian Christian schoolgirl calls on President to secure her release from Boko Haram
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 26/08/2018 Iran's forgotten persecuted Christian minority
United Kingdom (UK) 23/08/2018 Jeremy Corbyn said British 'Zionists' have 'no sense of English irony despite having lived here all their lives' and 'need a les
United Kingdom (UK) 20/08/2018 Corbyn faces fresh pressure over 'takeaway dinner' with Hamas chief as poll shows a QUARTER of voters believe Labour leader is a
Indonesia 20/08/2018 Indonesia: Kindergarten dresses children as armed jihadis for parade
Indonesia 19/08/2018 Indonesia: Woman complains about mosque loudspeakers, gets blasphemy charge, Muslims burn Buddhist temples
Australia 18/08/2018 Islamic leader accused of illegal land clearing claims his group is exempt from Australian law
Switzerland 18/08/2018 Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over no handshake
United Kingdom (UK) 16/08/2018 Manchester mosque sermon 'called for armed jihad', say scholars
United Kingdom (UK) 13/08/2018 ‘An Instrument of Persecution’ – Seven Times Anti-Boris Leftists Attacked the Burqa
United Kingdom (UK) 13/08/2018 ‘Trojan Horse’ Teacher Who Branded Gays ‘Animals’ Loses Religious Discrimination Claim
Spain 11/08/2018 SOUTHERN EUROPE Moroccan migrants commit terrible sex crimes in Spain and mainstream media is silent
United Kingdom (UK) 11/08/2018 ‘The burka is a fifth column... we will wake in the Islamic Republic of Britain’
Austria 11/08/2018 WESTERN EUROPE Imam in Austrian mosque calls on youth to establish Islamic State and wage Jihad
Sweden 10/08/2018 Sweden's Government Funds Anti-Semitism
United Arab Emirates (the) 10/08/2018 Mother jailed in Dubai with daughter, four, for having a glass of wine on flight from Gatwick
09/08/2018 Fake Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes and Other Lies
Australia 09/08/2018 Australia Strips Citizenship from Five Syria-Based Islamic State Terrorists