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Date Published Author Title
24/03/2019 Telegraph(UK) To prevent another Christchurch, Islam must confront the attacks in its name that have radicalised the West
25/11/2018 MappingSharia Mapping Sharia
25/10/2018 Brendan O'Neill, Spiked Online So now we’re allowed to get angry about terrorism?
05/08/2018 Gatestone Institute, Raymond Ibrahim "Be Cursed Forever": Extremist Persecution of Christians, January 2018
31/10/2017 Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute Study Shows Islamic Terrorism is Islamic
05/02/2015 Concit Reliance of the Traveller—a Sharia Law Manual
17/01/2015 Douglas Murray, Spectator 'Religion of peace' is not a harmless platitude
13/11/2011 Daniel Greenfield The Dangers of Legitimizing Muslim Grievances
29/12/2006 Silas, Answering Islam THE VERSE OF THE SWORD: SURA 9:5 AND JIHAD
02/05/2019 CBNNews Muslim Tells Christians: 'We Tried Warning You,' It's Time to 'Wake Up' about Threat of Radical Islam
02/05/2019 Gatestone Institute, Raymond Ibrahim Holiday Massacres of Christians: A New Fact of Life
26/04/2019 Rod Liddle, Spectator We condemned the ideology behind Christchurch. Why didn’t we do the same after Sri Lanka?
14/03/2019 NSS Let’s face facts: FGM has something to do with religion
08/03/2019 Politico.EU Europe’s Muslims hate the West
28/02/2019 Christians For Israel UN disgraces itself; accuses Israel of “war crimes”, ignores Hamas terror at Gaza border
27/02/2019 Spiked Online, Brendan O'Neill Why Tommy Robinson should not be banned
15/02/2019 Gatestone Institute, Denis MacEoin Religion (Islam) vs. Free Speech
10/02/2019 CBN Muslim Halal Food Sales Supporting Terrorism?
19/01/2019 Culture Watch Halal Foods and Creeping Sharia
04/01/2019 Spiked Online, Hardeep Singh We must be free to criticise Islam
02/01/2019 The Federalist, Mahir Ahmed Why The Left’s Alliance With Islam Betrays Islam’s Minorities
01/01/2019 Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute Contact Multiculturalism and the Transformation of Britain in 2018: Part I
28/12/2018 Gatestone Institute, Kenneth Levin The Other Intersectionality: Victims of Islamism
17/12/2018 Constitutional Rights Foundation The Origins of Islamic Law
13/12/2018 Phyllis Chesler, The Tablet The New Censorship
08/12/2018 Jihad Watch, Saleem Smith The Grotesque Immorality of Mainstream Islamic Ethics (Part 6)
05/12/2018 Raymond Ibrahim “Burnt Beyond Recognition”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2018
22/11/2018 BillionBibles Which countries use the Sharia law?
20/11/2018 Douglas Murray, Gatestone Institute The EU's Dangerous New Confidence Game
13/11/2018 New York Times Blasphemy Laws: An Excuse for Persecution