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Date Published Author Title
24/03/2019 Telegraph(UK), Yahya-Cholil-Staquf To prevent another Christchurch, Islam must confront the attacks in its name that have radicalised the West
25/11/2018 MappingSharia Mapping Sharia
05/08/2018 Gatestone Institute, Raymond Ibrahim "Be Cursed Forever": Extremist Persecution of Christians, January 2018
31/10/2017 Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute Study Shows Islamic Terrorism is Islamic
05/02/2015 Concit Reliance of the Traveller—a Sharia Law Manual
17/01/2015 Douglas Murray, Spectator 'Religion of peace' is not a harmless platitude
08/02/2011 Dr. David Suurland A genealogy of radical Islamic theory and practice
29/12/2006 Silas, Answering Islam THE VERSE OF THE SWORD: SURA 9:5 AND JIHAD
03/04/2020 Jihad Watch, Darrell Pack Al-Wala’ wa al-Bara’: Islam’s Doctrine of Contempt for the Other
25/03/2020 Gatestone Institute, Bassam Tawil Muslim Extremists Exploit Coronavirus to Promote Terrorism, Hate; and Other Muslims that Need the World's Help
24/03/2020 Spiked Online How Islamists are exploiting Covid-19
23/03/2020 Jihad Watch, ANJULI PANDAVAR Islam Comes Face-to-Face with Its Own Fundamental Contradiction
22/03/2020 Jihad Watch, Memri Al-Azhar Sheikh rejects idea that Islam needs reform: “War between heritage and modernity made up to hold us back”
06/03/2020 Spiked Online How woke illiberalism is killing the academy
29/02/2020 Peter Townsend Muhammad - Get Your Copy of ‘Unsheathed’ Today!
20/02/2020 Peter Townsend How the ‘Excellent Example’ Dealt with Criticism
17/02/2020 Spiked Online ‘The ACLU would not take the Skokie case today’
17/02/2020 Peter Townsend ‘Prophetic’ Genocide. Muhammad and the Banu Qurayza
11/02/2020 Peter Townsend 'Prophetic’ Torture and Trafficking (Article 5)
09/02/2020 Peter Townsend Muhammad's conduct - 'Deception for the Sake of Allah' (Article 4)
04/02/2020 Peter Townsend 'Profit for the Prophet' (Article 3)
01/02/2020 Peter Townsend Prophetic War Mongering (Article 2)
01/02/2020 Abdullah Sameer Top problems in Islam
30/01/2020 Peter Townsend The Conduct of the ‘Perfect Example’ [Muhammad] – Introduction
29/01/2020 Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer Deplatformed: How Big Tech Companies and Corporate America Subvert the First Amendment
24/01/2020 Peter Townsend Understanding Shari’a Before It Is Too Late (5) – Shari’a’s Barbaric Punishments
22/01/2020 Peter Townsend Understanding Shari’a Before It is Too Late (4) – Shari’a’s Fundamental Inequality
20/01/2020 Peter Townsend Understanding Shari’a Before It Is Too Late (3) – Shari’a’s Illegal Commands
19/01/2020 Peter Townsend Understanding Shari’a Before It Is Too Late (2) – Shari’a’s Wide Net of Criminality
18/01/2020 Gatestone Institute, Fjordman Why Laws Against Hate Speech Are Dangerous