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26/04/2017 Memri Saudi Sheikh lays down the rules for “Blessed Terrorism”
01/11/2018 Preoccupied Territory Scholars Yet To Find Act That Has Anything To Do With Islam
02/12/2016 Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute Self-Censorship: Free Society vs. Fear Society
02/06/2017 Geert Wilders, Gatestone Institute Selling Out Pentecost to Islam
17/08/2016 Immanuel Al-Manteeqi, Counter Jihad Separation of Church and State: In the West and Under Sharia
03/07/2015 Dr. Mark Durie Sex Slavery and the Islamic State
Sexual Slavery: "Nothing to do with Islam"?
21/07/2011 Mordechai Kedar, David Yerushalmi, Middle East Forum Shari'a and Violence in American Mosques
11/08/2011 Mordechai Kedar, David Yerushalmi Sharia Adherence Mosque Survey: Correlations between Sharia Adherence and Violent Dogma in U.S. Mosques
03/04/2015 American Center For Democracy Sharia and the European Union
23/01/2017 American Thinker, Pamela Geller Sharia Compliance in the US Military
15/12/2016 Maryam Namazie Sharia courts pose a growing threat to women’s rights
20/02/2016 Independent Sharia courts sanction the subjugation of women – the Government can’t hide behind multiculturalism
22/10/2008 UKGovt, UK Supreme Court Sharia Discriminates Against Women - HofL
29/05/2017 Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute Sharia Down Under
07/01/2018 Bruce Bawer, Gatestone Institute Sharia for New Year's
29/11/2010 Martin Parsons Sharia is the touchstone for recognising and combating radical Islam
12/03/2017 NSS Sharia law
02/04/2017 Anne Marie Waters Sharia Watch Update - 2nd April 2017
20/02/2017 JENNIFER ORIEL, The Austrlian Sharia, a dark ages death sentence
22/05/2018 Jamie Glasov, Aynaz “Anni” Cyrus, FrontPage SHARIA, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE
08/08/2016 Gita Sahgal Sharia, security and the church: dangers of the British Home Office Inquiry
10/08/2016 Gita Sahgal, NSS Sharia, security and the church: dangers of the British Home Office inquiry
02/04/2008 FrontPage, Abul Kasem Sharia: Islam's Warden
25/07/2016 Immanuel Al-Manteeqi, Counter Jihad Sharia’s Incompatibility with Western Values, Explained
24/09/2014 HRW, Time Shari‘a Law Is Threatening LGBT Rights Across Muslim-Majority Southeast Asia
28/10/2018 Douglas Murray, Spectator Should it be illegal to insult Mohammed?
19/09/2017 Brendan O'Neill SILENCE IN THE FACE OF TERROR
10/12/2018 Jewish Voice Silicon Valley Sharia – How Social Media Rigs the Free Speech Playing Field
13/06/2016 Wikipedia Simele massacre