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Date Published Author Title
26/06/2018 Islam QA, Islam Q&A 'No Compulsion' and Forced Conversion Explained
24/06/2018 VoiceOfEurope, Political Islam Expert warns: The Islamisation of a country can no longer be stopped if Muslim population reaches 16%
22/06/2018 ConservativeWoman, Laura Perrins Upskirting trumps child rape
20/06/2018 Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute Switzerland Welcomes Radicalization
18/06/2018 Raymond Ibrahim, Creeping Sharia Barbary: Islamic Terrorism and America’s First Military Victory
07/06/2018 Bassam Tawil, Gatestone Institute Palestinians: "Burn the Jews!"
06/06/2018 Uzay Bulut, Gatestone Institute Contact The Ethnic Cleansing of Northern Cyprus
06/06/2018 Encyclopedia Of Religion, Lindsay Jones History of Shariah
05/06/2018 Archbishop Cranmer Met Police confirm that criticism of Islam constitutes ‘Islamophobia’
03/06/2018 Niall McCrae, Karen Harradine, Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest Muslim rape gangs and the inconvenient truth
03/06/2018 Douglas Murray, Gatestone Institute Contact Rape Gangs: A Story Set in Leafy Oxfordshire
01/06/2018 Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute Denmark Approves Burka Ban
23/05/2018 A. Z. Mohamed, Gatestone Institute Dr. Khaled Montaser "Trying to Fix This"
22/05/2018 Jamie Glasov, Aynaz “Anni” Cyrus, FrontPage SHARIA, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE
08/05/2018 Melanie Phillips, The Times Islamophobia is a fiction to shut down debate
06/05/2018 Uzay Bulut, Gatestone Institute Armenian Genocide: Turkey Cracks Down
28/04/2018 Rod Liddle, Spectator The origins of Labour’s racism
26/04/2018 John Ware, Jewish Chronicle The puzzle of Baroness Warsi's links with Islamist group
25/04/2018 Yves Mamou, Gatestone Institute Has Europe Even Tried to Fight Anti-Semitism?
23/04/2018 Natalia Osten-Sacken, Gatestone Institute "Everyone Was Afraid to Be Branded as a Racist" Interview with Mona Walter
21/04/2018 Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: March 2018
18/04/2018 Hardeep Singh, Spiked Online We need to talk about Muslim Anti-Semitism
15/04/2018 Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute Contact "Why Do They Think Islam Is a Religion of Peace?" Muslim Persecution of Christians: October 2017
13/04/2018 Noel James Coulson, Encyclopedia Brittanica Islamic Law
07/04/2018 Guy Millière, Gatestone Institute France: Soon with No Jews?
04/04/2018 Douglas Murray, Gatestone Institute UK: Funding Textbooks That Teach Children to Blow Themselves Up
03/04/2018 Majid Rafizadeh, Gatestone Institute The "Moderate" Muslim Scholar Industry
01/04/2018 Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute Iraq's Christians: Eighty Percent Have "Disappeared"
31/03/2018 ECHR, Parliamentary Assembly of The Council Of Europe, ECLJ Will Sharia Prevail Over Human Rights
28/03/2018 Václav Klaus, Gatestone Institute Europe All Inclusive: Understanding the Current Migration Crisis