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Date Published Author Title
13/09/2016 Breitbart Archbishop of Vienna: ‘Many Muslims’ Want European Conquest
12/09/2016 Breitbart More Than 2,000 Schoolchildren At Risk Of Extremism, Report Claims
12/09/2016 CHAUNCEY TINKER Incitement and Current Law
11/09/2016 Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute Western Publishers Submit to Islam
11/09/2016 Breitbart Islamic Scholar: Europe May Be Heading Toward Civil War
11/09/2016 Breitbart Counterterrorism Sergeant: ‘Met Police Ignored Extremism Amongst My Fellow Muslim Officers’
10/09/2016 Christine Williams, Jihad Watch The price of converting to Christianity from Islam
09/09/2016 Tharwa Boulifi, Gatestone Institute An Inherited Culture of Hate
08/09/2016 Breitbart, Cardinal Raymond Burke Cardinal Raymond Burke: Muslims and Christians Don’t Worship ‘the Same God’
07/09/2016 Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch Yazidi victim of ISIS: “I was gang-raped, they call this practice sexual jihad”
06/09/2016 Counter Jihad A Woman Under Sharia: 8 Reasons Why Islamic Law Endangers Women
06/09/2016 Gatestone Institute, Denis MacEoin Prisons: Harvard for Radicals
05/09/2016 Anonymous The Untold Story of White Slavery
04/09/2016 Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch Egyptian Christian teens sentenced for “defaming Islam” flee to Switzerland
04/09/2016 George Igler, Gatestone Institute Church Attacks: Love Alone Will Not Save Us
04/09/2016 Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute Europe Debates the Burkini
04/09/2016 Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch Germany: Muslim migrants sexually assault women during rampage at party
03/09/2016 Samantha Rea My burkini and me - Damned uncomfortable
03/09/2016 Robert Jones, Gatestone Institute Turkey: Child Rape Widespread, Media Blackout
03/09/2016 Hugh Fitzgerald, Jihad Watch, Klara Samkova How a Czech Parliamentarian Sees Islam
02/09/2016 Dale Hurd, CBNNews 'Easy Meat.' Britain's Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up
02/09/2016 Professor Afshin Ellian, Breitbart Muslims Would Not Tolerate Multiculturalism in Islamic Countries
01/09/2016 CFE Case - ALEXANDER AAN
01/09/2016 CFE Case - ASIA BIBI
01/09/2016 Counter Jihad Why Sharia Is A Problem For Western Democracy
01/09/2016 Yves Mamou, Gatestone Institute The Secession of French Muslims
01/09/2016 Christine Williams Canadian Human Rights Commission advertises Islam as a religion of peace and justice
01/09/2016 CFE Case - ALBER SABER
31/08/2016 Ingrid Kristina Carlqvist, Breitbart "[Islam] has already succeeded in introducing Sharia law to Sweden”
30/08/2016 ALLISON PEARSON, Telegraph(UK) Burkinis? Here's why we should fight them on the beaches