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Date Published Author Title
01/11/2016 IslamQA Intercourse with a slave woman is not regarded as zina (adultery)
01/11/2016 Abdullah Sameer Does Islam Allow Sex with Female Captives of War?
01/11/2016 Abdullah Sameer Women, the Inferior Species in Islam
01/11/2016 Abdullah Sameer Prophet Muhammad
01/11/2016 House Of Commons Home Affairs Committee Oral evidence: Sharia Councils, HC 389
30/10/2016 Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch France admits its “deradicalization” program for jihadis has been a failure
30/10/2016 Anonymous Nazarene Lapel Pin
30/10/2016 Douglas Murray BBC wins a landmark victory in the fight against Islamic extremism
29/10/2016 Robert Spencer Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre survivor: “We need to stop saying Islam is a religion of peace”
28/10/2016 NSS The Battle for British Islam, by Sara Khan with Tony McMahon
27/10/2016 Paul Sperry Huma Abedin’s Father Trashed Thomas Jefferson
26/10/2016 Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute “Radical” vs. “Moderate” Islam: A Muslim View
26/10/2016 Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute Liberal Submission: Protect Islam, Defame Christianity
25/10/2016 Atheistserena Saudi Arabia: One brave girl’s voice
24/10/2016 NSS, Dr Antony Lempert Forced cutting of young boys’ genitals violates the most fundamental medical ethics
24/10/2016 Wikipedia History of slavery in the Muslim world
24/10/2016 JIM ZUMWALT Former Muslim warns that if Islam continues as is, the West will not
23/10/2016 Quiliam Foundation, Haras Rafiq Muslim civil war on streets of Britain: Islam divide carries 'death warrant', says expert
21/10/2016 Douglas Murray, Gatestone Institute "First They Came for Asia Bibi"
21/10/2016 NSS Joint Committee on Human Rights challenges the Government on ‘extremism disruption orders’
20/10/2016 Denis MacEoin, Gatestone Institute VIDEO: "Nothing to Do with Islam"?
19/10/2016 EMMA-KATE SYMONS Charlie Hebdo’s Zineb El Rhazoui pens searing open letter to would-be jihadists
19/10/2016 Douglas Murray Louis Smith’s ‘show trial’ on Loose Women is emblematic of our dimwit-run times
18/10/2016 Breitbart Polygamy ‘Commonplace’ Within Muslim Communities in Britain
18/10/2016 EMMA-KATE SYMONS Zineb el Rhazoui, Charlie Hebdo survivor, discusses why the world needs to ‘Destroy Islamic Fascism’
17/10/2016 Stop The Genocide, Premier Stop the Genocide of non-Muslims by ISIS - Please sign petition
17/10/2016 Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch Canada: Muslim activist says Sharia can be gradually implemented in North America
16/10/2016 Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute The Vatican Submits to Islam (2006-2016)
16/10/2016 Archbishop Cranmer Christian missionaries in Aleppo crucified and beheaded