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Date Published Author Title
29/04/2014 Sami Aldeeb The Arab slave trade: 200 million non-Muslim slaves from all colors and nationalities
11/04/2014 Dr. Andrew Bostom, PJ Media Cut the Clitoral Relativism: Islam, Sharia, and Female Genital Mutilation/“Circumcision”
11/04/2014 Dr. Andrew Bostom, PJ Media Cut the Clitoral Relativism: Islam, Sharia, and FGM
04/04/2014 BPI Muslim girls in chains being led off to meet their new husbands
03/04/2014 Mohamad Ballan Beyond 'Tolerance' and 'Intolerance': Deconstructing the Myth of the Islamic Golden Age
14/03/2014 Andrew Rosindell MP, ConservativeHome Andrew Rosindell MP: Traditional religious slaughter methods are unfair, unnecessary and, frankly, un-British
18/02/2014 Kathryn Seifert Ph.D Death by Stoning: Why Is This Sickening Punishment Legal?
14/01/2014 Abdullah Sameer Muhammad’s Just In Time Revelations
10/12/2013 Huffington Post 13 Muslim countries where not believing in allah is punishable by death in law
02/12/2013 Dissimulation In Sunni Islam and Morisco Taqiyya
18/10/2013 Theodore Shoebat Muslims Behead Men Over Haircut — But Why?
15/10/2013 Soeren Kern Britain's Underage Muslim Marriage Epidemic
13/10/2013 Raymond Ibrahim Surreal and Suicidal: Modern Western Histories of Islam
29/09/2013 Reuters Foundation Stoning - where does it happen?
24/09/2013 Martin Parsons Lessons from the Peshawar church attack: appeasing Islamism leads to more terrorism
06/08/2013 The Re-Enlightenment As an infidel I struggle with Mehdi Hasan
23/07/2013 Unknown Debates about FGM in Africa, the Middle East & Far East
13/06/2013 Kelly Riddell, Washington Times The ugly truth about Sharia law
13/06/2013 FELIX STRÜNING, Deborah Weiss If you criticize Islam you will suffer consequences
28/05/2013 Martin Parsons, ConservativeHome Liberalism cannot defeat Islamism
25/05/2013 Islam Q&A Circumcision of girls and some doctors’ criticism thereof
22/04/2013 Raymond Ibrahim Islam’s Collective Punishment of Christians
17/04/2013 Dr. Andrew Bostom Islam’s Jew-Hating Hadith in Context
17/04/2013 Andrew G. Bostom Islam’s Jew-Hating Hadith in Context
13/04/2013 American Thinker A Retrograde Creed
07/04/2013 BBC Are Sharia councils failing vulnerable women?
16/03/2013 MOVEMENT OF BELGIAN FORMER MUSLIMS Ex-Muslims why OIC version of human rights not compatible with UNDHR
18/02/2013 WikiIslam Turkish Genocides: The massacre on the Bulgarian population
17/02/2013 Anna Birawi, FairObserver Can Islamic Law Evolve?