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NGO A Report on Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan During the year 2015 Ahmadiyya, Persecution, Mosques
Ibn Warraq Ibn Warraq Pens Extraordinary New Study of Atheism in the Islamic World Apostasy, Islam
Joseph Myers, Brigadier General SK Malik - Pakistani Army The Quranic Concept of War Jihad-Is-Islamic, Jihad, Quran, Sharia, Key-Documents
US Govt Understanding Shari'ah's Role in the War Sharia, Jihad-Is-Islamic, Jihad, Key-Documents
Parliamentary Assembly of The Council Of Europe Resolution 1804 - State, religion, secularity and human rights Sharia, Ban-Sharia, Human-Rights, Cairo-Declaration-Of-Human-Rights, Key-Documents
Parliamentary Assembly of The Council Of Europe Council of Europe Resolution 2253 Sharia, Sharia-Courts, Human-Rights, Cairo-Declaration-Of-Human-Rights, Key-Documents
UKGovt Lists banned groups Sharia, Ban-Sharia, UKGovt, Key-Documents
Professor Ahmad Moussalli Wahhabism, Salafism and Islamism: Who is the Enemy? Islam, Sharia, Islamic-Texts, Salafism
Trevor Phillips Revealed: Labour’s letter to Trevor Phillips, his reply, and an intervention from Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, England’s first Musl Islamophobia, Labour, Free-Speech, Political-Apologists, Political-Correctness/Coercion, Dhimmitude
Punitive Limb Amputation Sharia, Sharia-Implementation, Amputation, Hudud-Punishments, Quran
Dario Fernandez-Morera Life as a dhimmi in medieval Islamic Spain Dhimmitude, Golden-Age, Christianity, Submission
GMP, Manchester Council Manchester 2020 - Report on Operation Augusta CSE, Grooming-Gangs, Girls, Women, Sexual-Assault, Sexual-Jihad, Police-Bias, Political-Apologists, Political-Correctness/Coercion, Dhimmitude
OpenDoorsUSA Christian Persecution 2019 Christianity, Persecution, Islam, Sharia, non-Muslims
HenryJacksonSoc A Comprehensive List of Extremist Speakers at UK Universities Extremism, Islamic-Movement, Education
Quillam, Extremism Commission(UK) Mainstreaming Islamism: Islamist Institutions and Civil Society Organisations Civilisational-Jihad, Islamic-Movement
Al-Hijrah School - Ofsted Report Education, Children, Extremism
Extremism Commission(UK), Damon L. Perry Mainstream Islamism in Britain: Educating for the “Islamic Revival” Civilisational-Jihad, Jihad, Supremacism, Islamic-Movement, Key-Documents, Education, Children, Ofsted
Hadith - Sahih Bukhari Hadith, Islamic-Texts, Muhammad
Hadith Collection Hadith, Muhammad, Islamic-Texts
UKGovt Challenging Hateful Extremism Extremism
US Govt Laws Criminalizing Apostasy Apostasy, Hudud-Punishments, Killing
Ibn Kathir Quran Tafsir(Commentary on) Ibn Kathir - Jihad is made Obligatory Jihad-Is-Islamic, Jihad, Islamic-Texts
Fatima Jinnah Women University Section 295-C of Pakistan Penal Code: Blasphemy Law Blasphemy, Killing, Hudud-Punishments, Sharia
UK Supreme Court, UKGovt Sharia Discriminates Against Women - HofL Sharia, Women, Discrimination, Key-Documents
Center For Policy Studies SHARIA: THE THREAT TO AMERICA Sharia, Creeping-Sharia, Jihad, Jihad-Is-Islamic
Tara MacArthur Unsheathed – the Story of Muhammad Muhammad, Historical-Research
Yahya-Cholil-Staquf Islamic Civilisation: Four Challenges Islam, Democracy, Jihad, Jihad-Is-Islamic, Key-Documents, KD-Level2
Yahya-Cholil-Staquf, Telegraph(UK) To prevent another Christchurch, Islam must confront the attacks in its name that have radicalised the West Jihad-Is-Islamic, Jihad, Mosques, Islam, Sharia, Ban-Sharia
Reliance of the Traveller: Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law Sharia, Apostasy, Hudud-Punishments, Flogging, Stoning, Amputation, Key-Documents, KD-Level1