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Council of Europe - Resolution 2253 - January 2019:

In this context, the Assembly regrets that despite the recommendation it made in its Resolution 1704 (2010) on freedom of religion and other human rights for non-Muslim minorities in Turkey and for the Muslim minority in Thrace (eastern Greece), asking the Greek authorities to abolish the application of Sharia law in Thrace, this is still not the case. Muftis continue to act in a judicial capacity without proper procedural safeguards. The Assembly denounces in particular the fact that in divorce and inheritance proceedings – two key areas over which muftis have jurisdiction – women are at a distinct disadvantage.

The above resolution has been adopted [= taken as a political stance] by the UK government:

UK Government has adopted Council of Europe Resolution 2253

Daily Telegraph - 12th April 2016:

Ban all Sharia courts immediately and insist on British law for everyone.

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