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  • I learned the worth of a woman under Islam the day I sought a divorce in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I was worth less than a man, worth only half of a man. That day, somewhere in the United States, girls my age were making sure their clothes and hair were just right for a day in 7th grade (Year 9 in England). Not I. I stood before a judge in an Iranian courtroom as a married woman beaten brutally every day of my short “marriage” by my husband, a mentally unstable, older man to whom I had been sold for the financial profit of my family.

  • With every religiously motivated crime committed by the so-called Islamists, we hear the very same response from Islam's apologists: "They are a tiny minority that have either misunderstood Islam, have interpreted the scriptures out of context, or have hijacked Islam to fulfill their political ambitions". That would not be too hard to believe if it referred to some isolated incidents here and there, occurring from time to time. Obviously that is not the case; we are facing unmistakable patterns of medieval like violence and brutality.


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