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UK Government: FCO [Foreign and Commonwe\alth Office]:

"  Islamism, in its broadest sense, promotes the application of Islamic values to modern government and society. "

Mainstream Islamism in Britain: Educating for the “Islamic Revival”:

The raison d’être of the work of all mainstream Islamists in Britain, irrespective of their immediate concerns and specific fields of activity, is to protect and promote Islam - as they see it – as a source of communal identity and as “a way of life”. This includes an epistemology and an ethics – an approach to knowledge and a moral code – that clashes in important ways with Britain’s liberal democratic culture. Fundamental to this effort is their contention over the authority to define Islam, which, for them, is a “complete system of life”. 9 Since their duty of da’wa compels them to share the values of this system within the social mainstream – and since these values conflict in places with “British values” and human rights norms – the authority they seek to determine and promote Islam inevitably overlaps with the state’s authority to determine normative social values and enforce them in law. It is in this space that Islamists challenge the government’s authority to define “extremism”.

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