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    On 21st August 2008 Reefat Drabu of the Muslim Council of Britain posted an  on the Guardian’s Comment is Free website in which she defended the decision of the MCB to withdraw support from the proposed
     as follows:

    The marriage contract produced by the Muslim Institute is simply one interpretation of shariah. It is not the shariah that needs to be re-invented, but a change in behaviour among some sections of our diverse Muslim communities. This is an onerous task that cannot be achieved through blustering demands and emphatic slogans that will only resonate in the salons of Islington and Notting Hill…

    MCB represents and serves diverse Muslim communities…The MCB is a broad-based inclusive organisation of Muslim communities living in the United Kingdom. It recognises and respects the choice of Muslims to follow such interpretation of the shariah in relation to marriage as they wish.


    I leave the last word to Dr Usama Hasan, Director of :

    Too many fathers have abused their right of wilayah (guardianship) over their daughters and too many husbands have abused their right of initiating divorce for us to continue with law rooted in patriarchal societies. It is high time that Muslim women enjoy the same rights and freedoms under Islamic law as they do under present legal systems in the UK.

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    United Kingdom (UK)
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    Muslim parents are refusing to allow their children to take part in a nationwide flu vaccine drive after the Muslim Council of Britain ruled the treatment was forbidden by Islam. Public health officials have raised concern over the number of Muslim children expected to be withdrawn from a major programme beginning in schools next month.

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    AltNewsMedia has been examining the origins of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). Since the MCB is a ‘go to’ mainstream media source for Muslim opinion here in the UK, it is worth investigating where the organisation came from, who runs it, and what it stands for.

    The genesis of the MCB can be found in the ferocious 1989 UK Salman Rushdie street demonstrations following the  publication and the subsequent Fatwa against Rushdie decreed by Ayatollah Khomeini. This was the first occasion of UK Muslim “street power” and it caused major political upset at the time. Press reports at the time state;

    “An estimated 20,000 demonstrators waved banners denouncing author Salman Rushdie and shouted slogans such as “Rushdie must die!” as they began their march in Hyde Park.”

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    • The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) presented themselves in the manner of debt collectors: standing beside a big bruiser stressing how sorry they were to have to demand this payment, but that they were only just holding back their big, angry friend.

    • Unfortunately for them, during the last Labour government in Britain the MCB's behaviour and beliefs were exposed by the more progressive Muslim voices who were by then coming along, and also by a wider society which had become wise to the tricks of these self-appointed "community leaders."

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