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    39.Both Sir John Jenkins and Charles Farr drew the following overarching conclusions from their work:

    - the Muslim Brotherhood have promoted a radical, transformative politics, at odds with a millennium of Islamic jurisprudence and statecraft, in which the reconstruction of individual identity is the first step towards a revolutionary challenge to established states and a secularised if socially conservative order;

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    The Trump administration is working to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organisation, the White House said on Tuesday. The designation will bring economic and travel sanctions against Egypt's oldest Islamist movement, with more than a million members across the Middle East. The decision follows a White House visit by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in April. Mr Sisi asked US President Donald Trump to make the move, US media said.

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    • The Irish bill could have a negative impact on American companies with subsidiaries in Ireland: it is illegal under US anti-boycott laws to cooperate with a ban on commerce with Israeli settlements.

    • What is behind the proposed bill? One possible explanation is the prominent role played by Islamic institutions and organizations in Ireland, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. There is evidence to suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood has established its European headquarters in the Emerald Isle.

    • Leaked US Embassy cables indicated that even some Irish Muslims refer to a certain mosque in Dublin as "Tora Bora," a cave complex on Afghanistan's border with Pakistan. One of the mosques imams, Yayah al-Hussein, originally from Sudan, is a member of Hamas, and many of its congregants are Bosnian and Afghan jihadists.

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