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    Initial scholarship focused on various ritual practices such as the beheading of infidels, but that was quickly dismissed as irrelevant. “With the axiomatic assumption that Islam is the Religion of Peace, any behavior we attempt to link to it must ipso facto be congruent with that assumption,” explained Regretdat. “We soon discovered just how many apparently solid connections between behaviors and Islam fell afoul of that axiom, and thus demonstrated we had stumbled on some coincidental association. This happened over and over again: with jihad, conquest, mass murder, oppression of religious minorities, incitement to commit murder, the jizya tax, Quranic and Hadith statements in support of genocide, you name it. It proved intensely frustrating. We’re beginning to doubt Islam is a factor in anyone’s behavior anywhere, in any manner.”

    Observers note the contrast between the findings, or lack thereof, regarding Islam, and the established characteristics of other groups. “We’ve seen any number of inherent characteristics among, say, right-wing Israelis,” said commentator Margot Wallstrom. “And you just know that if an Israeli pulls a trigger, it’s an extrajudicial execution. That’s a noticeable contrast. Also, if an Arab or Muslim does happen to commit a crime, while it obviously has nothing to do with being Arab or Muslim, it just as obviously is the direct result of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Which has nothing to do with Islam, of course.”

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