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    Of course it doesn’t help that police and media tend to forever be on the side of the Muslim rapists here in the UK. All of these agencies are prepared to lay sacrifices on the altar of multiculturalism. We think we live in a modern society, but these rapes and killings hearken back to the Aztecs and the blood sacrifices they offered to their Gods. Today the Gods that we offer up our sacrifices to are those Muslim men whose satanic impulses must be met and sated regardless the cost. In all these millennia, we haven’t really travelled that far after all. We still tolerate a bloodlust, and those who swear oaths to protect us are high priests who assist with the procuring and killings. With the Muslim male gangs in our society, the devil truly does walk among us.

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    United Kingdom (UK)
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    It was in 2004 that GMP became aware of allegations about the grooming of predominantly white girls by gangs in the market town. Oliver had been recruited to Operation Augusta, an investigation in them, which began later that year. Yet, despite the fact that a list of over 200 suspects had been compiled, it was abandoned. One suspect identified by a victim turned out to be a serving police officer. Oliver was told by another officer responsible for investigating corruption to “leave it to us”. “I never heard what, if anything, happened to him,” she says. 

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