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Sharia Law: Islam’s Warden

I think the best way to begin is with how Sharia is the life-force of Islam. 

To be sure, we must understand why Sharia is the life-force of Islam, and why Islam must impose (by force, if needed) Sharia to the entire world. Once we grasp this tenet, then we can understand how and why myriad specific Sharia laws affect lives.

The basic tenets of Sharia emanate with the assumption that Allah has chosen the believers (i.e., the Muslims) to rule the world. It might sound fascistic, but make no mistake: the Qur’an is absolutely determined to hand over the rule of the world to the followers of Islam: more specifically, to the Bedouin Arabs. Because Islam = Arabism. In the Qur’an (3:104, 3:110) Allah says that Arabs are the best of people ever created.

Mapping Sharia is also a very useful site on explaining some aspects of sharia

The origins of sharia:

Council of Europe:

Sharia law is understood as being ‘the path to be followed’, that is, the ‘law’ to be obeyed by every Muslim.

Surah 5, The Table (Al-Ma’idah), verse 48: ‘We have ordained a law and assigned a path for each of you



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