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    Muslims Against Crusades march for 'Sharia-controlled zones' in London.

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    This letter is intended as a template for people to use to make their views known to HardCash Productions at re: their upcoming programme(9th Nov on ITV) which, from ,  appears intent on labelling AMW and those who support her as 'far-right' for having concerns about Islam-sharia. I hope people will use this opportunity to make their views known to HardCash Productions and later Ofcom if the programme fails to present the reasons behind our concerns. Note this initiative hasn't been inspired by AMW in any way.

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    European Union
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    Legal group Christian Concern has intervened in a case concerning the application of sharia law in Europe. The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights is set to rule on an inheritance case concerning the application of sharia law to a dispute between Greek citizens who are Muslims. The ruling will determine whether sharia law can have supremacy over a member state's domestic law.

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    • Long touted as a beacon of Muslim tolerance and moderation, Indonesia joined other repressive Muslim nations in May when it sentenced the Christian governor of Jakarta, known as "Ahok," to a two-year prison term on the charge that he committed "blasphemy" against Islam.

    • The blasphemy accusation is based on a video that Ahok made, in which he told voters that they were being deceived if they believed that Koran 5:51, as his opposition said, requires Muslims not to vote for a non-Muslim when there are Muslim candidates available. The Koran passage states: "O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you -- then indeed, he is one of them."

    • "Morocco's 2011 constitution allows for freedom of religion. The authorities claim to practice only a moderate form of Islam that leaves room for religious tolerance. Yet, in reality, Moroccan Christians still suffer from persecution." Mustafa said: "I was shunned at work. My children were bullied at school."

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    “It is not possible to subject our country to a jurisdiction marked by religious radicalism,” said Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti on Sunday, stressing that there can be no question of allowing sharia law a foothold in Italy. “Whoever looks to sharia law must understand that it won’t happen in Italy,” Minniti told an 

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    “There are accounts of Sharia patrols questioning and even attacking” British citizens. Gangs intimidate and pester “those who are complying with British law but not their own.” “Muslim grooming gangs prey upon kafir, namely non-Muslim girls, and regard them as legitimate targets to violate.”

    “Many, if not most, state schools in our big cities compel halal-only menus to be offered, with no alternatives to their children.” Rather than serve bacon, “Holiday Inns now routinely observe Islamic dietary laws” and supermarkets sell insufficiently labelled halal meat. “It would seem consumer choice must now bow before the writ of the Imam.” (They were quick to allow options for consumers who wanted to deviate from a traditional British diet, but they refuse to consider those that wish to return to one.)

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    A crowd gathers to watch a woman receive 100 lashes after being convicted of adultery.

    Admin: There have been reports that she later required hospital treatment.

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    “Those who oppose, question or do not accept the Sharia or Islam, we will explain these things to them also. If they still are not convinced, then they will be ex-communicated from the religion and not be considered as Muslims.”

    Comparable declarations saying that jihad terrorists will be excommunicated and not be considered Muslims have been rare, at best.

    Note also the implications of this for Islamic reformers, and for Islamic apologists in the U.S. who insist that Sharia stonings and amputations, misogyny, and oppression of non-Muslims have nothing to do with Islam.

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    Growing religious conservatism is threatening LGTB rights in Muslim-majority nations across Southeast Asia, say activists, with a new claiming serious abuses against Malaysia's transgender community.

    On Thursday, Human Rights Watch (HRW) published I’m Scared to Be a Woman: Human Rights Abuses Against Transgender People in Malaysia. The document makes serious allegations of physical and sexual assault committed against transgender people while in official custody.

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    The Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights notes with regret that the specific recommendations addressed to the competent Russian authorities in , which was adopted unanimously with the participation of the Russian delegation, have remained largely unimplemented.

    In the Chechen Republic, the authorities continue to nurture a climate of pervading fear in an atmosphere of personalisation of power. The Head of the Republic has made public threats against political opponents and human rights activists, even in other parts of Russia and beyond. The deterioration of the situation of women in the Chechen Republic through the rigid enforcement of religious norms has continued. The Head of the Chechen Republic actively promotes the application of rules based on Chechen customary laws, adats, and interpretations of Sharia that discriminate against women.

    The committee thus observes that the situation in the North Caucasus region with regard to safeguarding human rights and upholding the rule of law still remains one of the most serious in the entire geographical area covered by the Council of Europe. Systematic human rights violations and the impunity of their perpetrators are bound to foster the further rise of extremism.


    3.5. in the Chechen Republic, the authorities continue to nurture a climate of pervading fear in an atmosphere of personalisation of power. The Head of the Republic has made public threats against political opponents, human rights activists and their families, even in other parts of the Russian Federation and beyond;

    3.6. the deterioration of the situation of women and girls in the Chechen Republic through the rigid enforcement of religious norms has continued. The Head of the Chechen Republic actively promotes the application of rules based on Chechen customary laws, adats, and interpretations of Sharia that discriminate against women and girls in family law matters, in violation of Russian law. Domestic violence and purportedly “traditional” practices harmful to women and girls, such as arranged and early marriages, and even so-called honour killings, are widespread and tolerated by the regional authorities.

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    Sharia is more than stoning or amputing limbs or public beheading – Sharia is a spirit also. Its spirit is against current civilization. Sharia instigates its believers to destroy secular democracy (from within!) and establish so called Islamic State because law is pointless without a state. True that secular democracy is not problem-free but that is the best we have and it is evolving; but even a cursory look into the laws shows that problem with Sharia law is far deeper.

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    THE most prestigious law school in Australia has two courses which call for elements of sharia law to be recognised in the mainstream legal system — including allowances for polygamy and lowering the age of consent. One of the Sydney University courses, Muslim Minorities And The Law, is taught by Salim Farrar and Dr Ghena Krayem and it uses a book the pair wrote as “the monograph upon which the unit of study bases its teaching”.

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     »  » British Law and Sharia Law

    British Law and Sharia Law

    The law of the land and alien legal systems: can they co-exist? A Matter of Allegiance.]

    Posted on March 19, 2017 by  in  // 33 Comments

    It’s important to talk about the law and to clarify what we mean. If we say “the law” we tend to mean the law of the land. So if I’m in Britain and I say “the law”, I mean British Law, the law that governs Britain.

    Upon questioning about the presence of sharia law in the UK, the government response has essentially been that there is no sharia law in the UK. What this means is that because sharia law does not have the weight of state behind it, i.e. the state does not enforce sharia law, there is no sharia law. But there is.

    Sharia is not ‘the law’, but it is a set of laws. Sharia law exists in an objective form, as a set of laws, and is adhered to across the world – often imposed by islamic nation states. Just like membership of an association obliges us to obey the laws of that association, sharia law, for many, is to be obeyed in order to be a devout Muslim. Vast numbers of Muslims take that requirement very seriously.

    It’s unfair to claim that sharia law is always a choice, for many it isn’t. Apostasy is widely condemned in even the most ‘moderate’ Muslim communities, and people take great risks if they question Islam. But even if sharia was a choice, even if an individual does choose sharia law, should they be able to in the UK? Should that choice be available? The answer has to be no. Sharia, or other sets of laws, should not be available for use if they run contrary to the law of the land.

    The Law governs our practical daily life in areas such as driving or taxes, but it is also a reflection of our morals as a nation and a people. It is a reflection of what we believe to be moral and right. One of its primary functions is to protect. Who is protected and from what, is derived from our common morals and values.

    The Law prohibits violent physical assault as a criminal offence so we can protect ourselves from violent physical assault, but also to reflect our moral position that we believe violent physical assault is wrong. The Law prohibits sexual engagement with minors so we can protect minors from sexual exploitation and abuse, but also to reflect our common moral position that sex with minors is wrong.  

    The Law of the land is built on several foundational and fixed principles that don’t change as new laws are introduced.  Fundamental principles in criminal law for example don’t change: the standard of proof is beyond reasonable doubt, the burden of proof is on the state etc.

    Family law, the area of law most pertinent when discussing sharia law in the UK, is of the most fundamental importance. Family law also demonstrates who we are as people, what kind of society we seek to be. Like criminal law, there are fundamental principles in family law. Like criminal law, family law principles are consistent, there aren’t exceptions made when new laws are introduced. For example, the equal rights of the parties to a family law dispute don’t change. A husband and a wife have the same status in law, their word carries the same weight. This is fundamental. Also fundamental is the status of children in disputes, the fundamental principle being that the best interests of the child is paramount in any decision involving that child.

    Family law determines the status of women (in the family) and of children. In the UK, the woman is equal to the man, and the child’s protection is paramount. We cannot veer from these principles – it is against the spirit of British Law that reflects who we are.

    Given this, can we allow a system of laws to be practiced, if they are not consistent with the spirit of our law or the principles on which it is built? No, we cannot.

    Sharia law is inconsistent with the spirit of our British Law and its principles. In deciding on a case involving a Lebanese mother who would lose her children under sharia if deported to her home country, the House of Lords called it “wholly incompatible” with human rights legislation.

    Many politicians will argue that sharia is not being practiced in Britain, but it is. It has pseudo court rooms, judges, parties, and a decision. The decision might not be binding according to British Law, but it is binding according to sharia law, and that is what gives it its power.

    In sharia family law, a wife is worth less than her husband. She cannot divorce of her volition, even if she is subject to violence and abuse. Her testimony in a family law dispute is worth only half of her husband’s. This is intended to make it as difficult as possible for women to ‘win’ in any family law dispute. The reason for this is simply because the Koran deems women to be worth less than men.

    Furthermore, in sharia family law, the best interests of the child are not paramount – again in defiance of the standards, principles, and spirit of British Law. The best interests of the child do not come first in sharia because Islam deems that children are the property of their fathers, who has sole power over their lives. Mothers have no input and no rights.

    In the practice of sharia law here in Britain, decisions as to child custody are being made. This inevitably means that children will be placed with their fathers irrespective of circumstances, including if he is violent. Because mothers have no rights, they can’t stop this.

    Sharia law practice takes on different guises in Britain, including under powers of the Arbitration Act. The Arbitration Act allows parties to a dispute to agree to appoint a ‘judge’ and agree to be bound by the decision.

    Arbitration per se is not a problem. In principle, it is a legitimate way for free people to conduct their affairs. But the law itself, i.e. the Arbitration Act itself, places restrictions on this practice that ensure arbitration adheres to the principles of British Law. For example, the Arbitration Act requires that arbitration be fair, impartial, and in the public interest.

    Sharia law is not fair, not impartial, and given its terrible treatment of women and children, it is hardly in the public interest.

    For the most part however, sharia councils operate as charities.  The problem here is that charity laws tend to view religion as a force for good. It does so without examining the detail of what the religion teaches. Across the board, in public life, religions are deemed to be essentially the same, and are deemed to encourage moral behaviour.

    If we are going to oppose sharia law, and we should, we must stop designating unquestioning privilege to religion. We must look at what the religion teaches and the impact these teachings can have on its followers. 

    We must also stop pretending that there is nothing specific to sharia that should worry us. There is. It is a system predicated on female subservience, on violent punishment, on oppression, on arbitrary whims of clerics, and on complete disregard for the rights of children.

    Sharia is not compatible with Britain; it’s not compatible with our social values, our legal principles, or who we are as a nation. Its practice should therefore not be permitted. The fundamental principles of British Law should instead be upheld as supreme.  

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    • Islam was created 600 years after Christianity not to affirm the Bible, but to discredit it; not to co-exist with "the people of the book" -- Jews and Christians -- but to replace them.

    • It is hard to read Islamic law books without concluding that Islamic values are essentially "a rebellion against the Ten Commandments".

    • Islam violates the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" when Allah commanded Muslims to kill Allah's enemies, and in the process, kill and be killed in jihad if they are to be guaranteed heaven.

    • Accepting a parallel legal system would effectively nullify actual freedom for many of the people possibly forced to use it, and the ability to receive equal justice under law. Sharia is the reason there is a death warrant out on this author, on Salman Rushdie and others, for apostasy.

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    Today, the five schools of Islamic thought accepted by all Muslims are the Ja‘fari, comprising 23% of the Muslims; the Hanafi, comprising 31% of the Muslims; the Maliki, comprising 25% of the Muslims; the Shafi΄i, comprising 16% of the Muslims; and the Hanbali, comprising 4% of the Muslims. The remaining small percentage follow other minority schools, such as the Zaydi and the Isma΄ili.

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    The narrow, unpaved road snaking through the desert of Upper Egypt does one thing. It connects visitors from Al Minya, the capital city of the Al Minya governorate, to Bishop Samuel Monastery, a Coptic Orthodox institution. The road with no name was carved out for this purpose in the 12th century. Today, as in the ancient day, only Christians have use for this road. Not a soul dares this trip when the Winds of Kamasin whip up the sands from across the great desert in May and June. The air is unbreathable and the road disappears.  

    According to the Italian Agenzia Fides (June 9), Egypt’s Interior Minister, Magdi Abdel Ghaffar, during a June 8 meeting with high security officials, stated, “…that churches and monasteries will be at the center of appropriate security measures,” and “…that the state of emergency urges to reduce visits to churches and monasteries.” According to Agenzia, the state apparatus is also advising Christians to avoid “to gather conspicuous crowds at places of worship and prayer” during this emergency phase.  

    Ironically, mosques have had state security in place for a few years without the crime statistics to justify the measures. As long as the state deemed this necessary, Muslims were never advised to stay away, avoid worship and stop praying—probably because none of it was necessary. However, now the double standard feeds a divisive message.

    For Copts, it means one thing—subjection to Sharia law cloaked in national security regulations. Civilization jihad is being accomplished through state directives that intersect religious Islamic law and, conveniently, the emergency phase can last indefinitely. Meanwhile, Muslim gangs act independent of the state (at times complicit with them) on the Sharia mandate to stop Christian worship and prayer by physically attacking Christians praying in their homes, and police follow with arrests of Christians. 

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    What does sharia decree?

    Sharia offers a code for living governing all elements of life, from prayers to fasting to donations to the poor. It decrees that men and women should dress modestly, which in some countries is interpreted as women taking the veil and the sexes being segregated.

    "Sharia governs the lives of people in ways which are not governed by the law," says Lynn Welchman, director of the Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law. "Over 50 countries are members of the Organisation of Islamic Conference, and you can expect there will be some form of compliance with sharia - either in people's personal lives or enforced through the courts by the state. A lot of states in the Middle East are taking more elements of sharia into their state laws."

    What are Hadd offences?

    Within sharia law, there is a specific set of offences known as the Hadd offences. These are crimes punished by specific penalties, such as stoning, lashes or the severing of a hand. The penalties for Hadd offences are not universally adopted as law in Islamic countries.

    Some countries, such as Saudi Arabia, claim to live under pure sharia law and enforce the penalties for Hadd offences. In others, such as Pakistan, the penalties have not been enforced. The majority of Middle Eastern countries, including Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, have not adopted Hadd offences as part of their state laws.

    Hadd offences carry specific penalties, set by the Koran and by the prophet Mohammed. These include unlawful sexual intercourse (outside marriage); false accusation of unlawful intercourse; the drinking of alcohol; theft; and highway robbery. Sexual offences carry a penalty of stoning to death or flogging while theft is punished with cutting off a hand.

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    FP: So this is why Sharia is the backbone of Islam, right?

    Kasem: Yes, it is the heart and soul of Islam. Without Sharia Islam is a toothless tiger or a poisonless snake. Sharia empowers Islam with the legal power to enforce its draconian, barbaric, uncivilized, and cruel provisions. Sharia gives Islam the arms and legs to force the world to submit to Islam.

    In many verses of the Koran Allah steadfastly announces that whoever deviates from Sharia is a kafir and he/they must be fought upon (i.e., killed) by the Muslims.

    According to ibn Kathir, in verse 2:151, Allah declares that He had sent Muhammad (as a favor) to preach the Qur'an and to teach Sharia laws which the pagans of Mecca did not know

    According to verse 4:64 Allah had sent Muhammad to invite people to obey Allah's orders, that is, Sharia laws.

    To provide more fire power, ibn Kathir say that in verse 5:44, Allah declares that whoever does not want to abide by Allah's law, Sharia, is a kafir. This includes the Christians ( 5:47 ). Mind you, in Islam, a kafir must be fought upon (killed) or forced to submit to Sharia laws.

    In verse 9:73 Allah urges the believers (i.e., the Muslims) to make war on unbelievers and hypocrites and show firmness (be harsh) against them. The eminent exegete of the Qur'an, ibn Kathir writes that Allah has commanded the Muslims to fight with sword the disbelievers, to strive against the hypocrites with tongue and has annulled lenient treatment of them. According to ibn Kathir perform with sword jihad against the disbelievers and be harsh with the hypocrites with words; this means establishing Islamic penal laws, i.e. Sharia laws against them. Ibn Kathir further says that verse 9:73 cancels verse 2:256, the so-called verse on `no compulsion' on religion.

    Here are few more Qur'anic verses which unambiguously declare the supremacy of Sharia.

    Allah will decide by His law (judgment, Sharia) between various sects (between the Jews and the Christians-ibn Abbas).27:78

    Allah is the Law-giver; He has appointed Muhammad to implement the only correct laws (Sharia laws).45:18

    Allah created the heavens and the earth to implement justice to all (Sharia law).45:22

    Muhammad is to strike hard against the unbelievers (fight them with weapons and armaments-ibn Kathir. Fight them with swords-Jalalyn), hypocrites (punish them according to Sharia laws-ibn Kathir) and to be firm (harsh) against them; the abode for the unbelievers and the hypocrites is hell...66:9

    The absolute supremacy of Sharia is upheld in the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam (1990). Article 22 of this declaration concludes that all rights and freedoms mentioned are subject to the  , which is the declaration's sole source.

    Strangely, Sharia gets furher boost when the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Willams submits to dhimmitude by espousing that certain provisions of Sharia are inevitable in the United Kingdom .


    Kasem: The most unfair element of Sharia is that it repudiates the fundamental principle of justice, that is: equality in the eye of law. In Sharia, Muslims and non-Muslims are not equal. This inequality extends even to the treatment of Muslim women. Muslim women are not treated as equal to Muslim men in the tenets of Sharia. Here is a glaring example: According to Saudi law (strictly based on Islamic Sharia) the life of a Muslim male is much higher than a non-Muslim man, and the life of female Muslim is much lower than that of Muslim man.

    For instance:

    WALL STREET JOURNAL: - The Wall Street Journal, April 9, 2002). In Saudi Arabia, the concept of blood money as per Islamic Shariat (If a person has been killed or caused to die by another, the latter has to pay blood money or compensation), as follows:


    100,000 riyals if the victim is a Muslim man

    50,000 riyals if a Muslim woman

    50,000 riyals if a Christian man

    25,000 riyals if a Christian woman

    6,666 riyals if a Hindu man

    3,333 riyals if a Hindu woman

    That is, a Muslim man's life is worth 33 times that of a Hindu woman

    The inequality of Muslims and non-Muslims is enshrined in the Qur'an and hadis. Here are a few examples:

    A Muslim must not be killed for killing an infidel (Hadis and ibn Kathir's interpretation of verse 5:45 ).

    Believers and non-believers are not equal.6:50, 28:61, 32:19, 35:19-22, 38:28, 39:9, 40:58, 45:21, 59:20, 67:22, 68:35

    That is why Sharia is a great insult to a civilized world

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    Interview with Abul Kasem, ex-Muslim,  author of hundreds of articles and several books on Islam including, Women in Islam. He was a contributor to the book Leaving Islam – Apostates Speak Out as well as to Beyond Jihad: Critical Views From Inside Islam. In this he was asked:  What is the Sharia/Islamic law and how does it dictate almost every single aspect of human life ?

    Kasem: To be surewe must understand why the Sharia (i.e. Islamic Law) is the life-force of Islam, and why Islam must impose (by force, if needed) the Sharia to the entire world. Once we grasp this tenet, then we can understand how and why myriad specific Sharia laws affect lives.

    The basic tenets of the Sharia emanate with the assumption that Allah has chosen the believers (i.e. the Muslims) to rule the world. It might sound fascistic, but make no mistake: the Qur’an is absolutely determined to hand over the rule of the world to the followers of Islam: more specifically, to the Bedouin Arabs. Because Islam = Arabism. In the Qur’an (3:104, 3:110) Allah says that Arabs are the best of people ever created.

    In verse 2:143 Allah says He changed the Qiblah (direction of prayer) to distinguish between Muslims and non-Muslims. , the ideological guru of the current wave of Islamists explains this verse in this manner: This constitutes the proclamation appointing the religious community (the ‘ummah’) consisting of the followers of Muhammad to religious guidance and leadership of the world. In the second place there is an allusion to the change in the direction of Prayer from Jerusalem to the Ka’bah. People of limited intelligence could see no significance in this change of direction although the substitution of Jerusalem by the Ka’bah amounted to the removal of the Children of Israel from their position of world leadership and their replacement by the ummah of Muhammad (peace be on him).


    Maududi, in connection with verse 2:145, even writes: To deviate from that knowledge to please others is tantamount to offending the prophetic mission and is inconsistent with the gratitude that the Prophet ought to feel for having been favored with the position of world leadership.

    In the above sentences Maududi clearly states that the Muslims are the chosen people of Allah to rule the world. This ruling must be done with Allah’s laws, which is the Sharia.

    In verse 2:150 Allah says that by instructing them to turn their faces to the sacred mosque (Kaba) He has bestowed a great favor to the Muslims. Maududi explains this favor in this manner: The ‘favour’ here refers to the position of world leadership and guidance from which God removed the children of Israel and which was then conferred upon this ummah.

    The highest reward that can be granted to a people in recognition of its righteousness is its designation, by God’s command, to the leadership of the world in order to guide the entire human race to godliness and righteousness. What is said here, therefore, is that the command to change the qiblah was a sign of installation of the Muslims to leadership. Hence, the Muslims should follow the directives of God if for no other reason than that ingratitude and disobedience might deprive them of the honour that had been bestowed upon them.

    Admin: We believe the above c;early indicates the political nature of Islam.

    See also 

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    'Abdullah ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani (310/922 - 386/996) Translated by Alhaj Bello Mohammad Daura, MA (London) (Including commentary from ath-Thamr ad-Dani by al-Azhari) Abu Muhammad 'Abdullah, a Maliki faqih known as "Shaykh al-Faqih" and "little Malik". He was the head of the Maliki school in Qayrawan. He wrote ar-Risala and an-Nawadir and several other books. (His biography in the Tartib alMadarik)

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    (Reliance of the Traveller and Tools of the Worshipper, also commonly known by its shorter title Reliance of the Traveller) is a classical manual of  for the  school of Islamic jurisprudence. Yes, Traveller with two Ls. The author of the main text is , who based his work on the previous Shafi’i works of Imam Nawawi and . This work consists of the soundest positions of the Shafi’i school.

    The book was translated by the American Muslim scholar Shaykh  in 1991 and became the first translation of a standard Islamic legal reference in a European language to be certified by the University of Al-Azhar, Cairo, the Muslim world’s oldest institution of higher learning. (See photo above re certification of Al-Azhar)

    is followed throughout the  and is the official school of thought of most traditional scholars and leading  authorities. It is also recognized as the official school of thought by the governments of  and . In addition, the government of  uses this madhab/mazhab for the Indonesian compilation of  law.

    It is the dominant school of thought of  and .

    It is also practised by large communities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan,  (in the  and ), , the , the  (by ) and Indian States of (most of the ),  ( and Coorg districts) ,  (by ) and . (Wikipedia)

    The purpose of this blog is to show to Muslims and non-Muslims alike what sharia law has been like for the past 1400 years. Since it is immutable, it is also what we can expect to be applied in years to come.

    Not many Muslims know the laws they have unwittingly subscribed to and certainly not many non-Muslims are aware of them. Especially with so many conflicting claims in the media and among society in general as to what sharia actually is, we hope we can enlighten them both.  This is not an academic exercise, just an attempt to share the truth.

    In this sharia manual (r14.0 p 751), the prophet of Islam himself declared that explaining the Koran/Qur’an by personal opinion is ‘in error.’ Also … ‘as for would be exegets who do not know the dimensions of Arabic, the figurative, literal and the types of metaphor, it is not permissible for them to explain it beyond what they have heard, by way of reporting and not actual interpretation .. whoever does not know which verses abrogate others and which are abrogated …  is not safe from error if he interprets the Quran …’

    That is exactly what we are trying to do here. Not giving out personal opinions, but merely showing what sharia law actually says.

    This Reliance is not the only handbook of Islamic law, though it is the most popular. Others are generally less detailed in some matters.  is not as easy to read but it explains the differences between Shafi’ite and Hanifi fiqh.

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    Please note the copyright has expired on this translation according to Google books.

    This work also outlines the main points of Sharia law: 

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    In a recent column, I referred to this excellent presentation:  Anyone who has taken the time to read and listen to the words of Muslim clerics and the Muslim Brotherhood fully and clearly understand the number one goal is to take over these united States of America and replace the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights with the sickness called Islam. The web site highlighted above gives you the documents to back up what millions of Americans know and are fighting against. .

    Not only are more Americans coming to understand Islam is not a religion, they are coming out and saying what many of us have for years: The Islamic Movement in this country is sedition.

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    What is Sharia? That depends on whom you ask. In this video, Robert Spencer explains the role of Sharia in orthodox Islam.

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    • Sharia law, the president at the time of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils ludicrously argued, far from discriminating against women, "guarantees women's rights that are not recognised in mainstream Australian courts".

    • The Australian Federal Police investigated 69 incidents of forced or under-age marriage in the 2015-16 financial year, up from 33 the previous year. While there are no official numbers, it is estimated that there are 83,000 women and girls in Australia who may have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM).

    • The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which has spent the past four years probing numerous religious organizations, has made no inquiries into Islam. The commission has held 6,500 one-on-one private interview sessions with survivors or witnesses making allegations of child sexual abuse within institutions, but only three sessions in relation to Islamic institutions.

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    United States of America (the)
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    One panelist, a Muslim, stated that apostates and infidels are to be killed or “banished” from a Muslim country.

    The student’s statement has been transcribed here:

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    Anne Marie Waters talks about the need for an open, nuanced debate about the merits of Islam and her campaign, For Britain.

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    Anne-Marie Waters gives her argument against Islam being a peaceful religion. 
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    Russian Federation (the)
    News Date: 

    Authorities from the predominantly Muslim Republic of Chechnya, an autonomous province in Russia, have threatened parents of gay children, warning them, “Either you kill them, or we we will,” reports , citing testimony from one of the victims of alleged concentration camps for homosexuals operated by the local government.

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    Iran (Islamic Republic of)
    News Date: 

    “Under Sharia law in Iran, homosexuality is punishable by death.”

    But those in the West who call attention to the persecution of homosexuals under Islamic law are excoriated by gay rights activists as racist, bigoted “Islamophobes.” Perhaps they don’t believe that things like this are really happening. Well, they are.

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    • As bad as this is, there is an even darker side to the story: Under sharia law, the second husband is under no obligation to give his wife a quick divorce – allowing him to keep her as his virtual sex slave for as long as he wishes.

    • If one asks how all of this jibes with British law, the answer is that it does not.

    • The UK-based NGO, Muslim Women's Network, penned an open letter -- with 100 signatories -- to the British government and Home Affairs Select Committee demanding that the Sharia Council be investigated to determine whether its practices adhere to British law. In response, the Sharia Council declared the letter to be "Islamophobic" and accused the Muslim Women's Network of being an anti-Muslim organization.

    • It is British law, not sharia, law that protects Muslim individuals and couples, as it does any other citizen. Contrary to what apologists for this travesty say, the plight of Muslim women should be treated as an issue of human rights.

  • Summary: 

    A video shared by an Islamic organization appears to show Muslim women defending the practice of wife-beating and rallying against portrayals of it being “barbaric.”  the video was shared on Facebook by Hizib ut-Tahrir – a “radical Islamic political movement.”

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    A selection of recent interesting tweets:

    Australian 'Your allowed freedom of speech, within the limits we set'

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    United Kingdom (UK)
    News Date: 
    • Egyptian cleric Fadel Soliman told students to do the hitting with a stick
    • Preacher's one of many extremists permitted to voice views unchallenged
    • Universities are legally required to stop extremists radicalising students
    • Up to 19 universities could now face an inquiry by education watchdog

  • Summary: 

    I am most grateful to Anne Marie for granting me permission to record and publish this talk she gave in Leeds on the 29 March 2017 on the subject of the increase of Sharia law in the United Kingdom.
    My own strongly held view on this, which Anne Marie greatly expands upon is that while liberals claim that criticism of Islam 'divides us', in actual fact, the existence of Sharia courts in our country demonstrates that we are already divided by our laws.

  • Summary: 

    My political priorities, post-Brexit, have become very simple. The party that’s most willing and able to stand up to Islam will get my vote.”

    That was a tweet from @meganne121 last week and she is not alone. There is enormous and growing public concern about Islam, and our politicians seem to have no idea. 

    Last year, a  said that 56% of Britons believe Islam is incompatible with the British way of life. They’re right, it is. Note that the public’s concern is with Islam, not fundamentalist or extremist or radical or any kind of ‘ism’, but Islam. The public gets it, the politicians don’t. , 47% of Brits said they wanted immigration from Muslim countries banned. This goes even further than Donald Trump. The people get it, the politicians don’t. 

    If UKIP wants to stand out and offer a real alternative, it can offer what nobody else will – law and order.

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    United States of America (the)
    News Date: 

    Democrats in Montana have banning the use of foreign law in its state courts on the grounds that such legislation would target Muslims.

    Admin: Democrats need to read ECHR on sharia

  • Summary: 
    • Human Rights Watch, an organization that is supposed to look out for victims of human rights abuses, not abusers of human rights is begging US decision makers not to designate the Muslim Brotherhood -- which, if it had its way, would take away everyone's human rights and substitute them with sharia law -- a foreign terrorist organization.

    • "Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope". — Muslim Brotherhood motto.

    • Conveniently, Hamas -- which according to article two of its charter, is "one of the wings of Moslem Brotherhood in Palestine" -- is, it seems, working on a new charter. The new charter would declare that Hamas is not a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, despite its always having been so. That way, is the Muslim Brotherhood's "narrative" of newfound "nonviolence" suddenly supposed to become believable?

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    An alliance of Tunisian human rights groups on Monday called on authorities to scrap a 1973 decree that bans Muslim women from marrying non-Muslims.

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    Other examples of Islam’s inferior view of women can be cited. However, the above accounts are sufficient to conclude that under Sharia, “men are superior to women” (Q 2:228) and that “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they [men] spend their wealth to maintain them [women]” (Q 34:4). Sharia then enjoins upon its adherents a profoundly un-egalitarian ethic, whereby women are deemed inferior to men.

    People who are endeared to the egalitarian-Western principles, particularly those who are Europeans, must fight the proliferation of Sharia ideas in their homeland. But in order to fight a fascistic and misogynistic ideology like Islamism, it is necessary for adherents of egalitarian-Western principles to first understand the motivations of Islamists.

    And, make no mistake, the reasons that Islamists advance for just about everything they do, including their oppression of women, are based almost exclusively on their religious ideology. None of the sources cited above are exclusively political or social in nature—they are religious Islamic sources.

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    Three more bloggers were accused of blasphemy on Friday in an Islamabad anti-terrorism court, while elsewhere in the city hundreds of security forces prevented a radical cleric from holding a protest to condemn another five bloggers, who were earlier charged with insulting Islam an offense punishable by death in this Islamic country.


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